December glamour

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December glamour
Unlocks the December glamour makeup option. Visit Ockham's Razor barbershop in London to view and apply unlocked makeup options.
Cannot be used if you already unlocked this makeup.


This item allows you to select the makeup option "December glamour" while using the Ockham's Razor barbershop, in London

This makeup gives you a large snowflake around either eye and a smaller one in the middle of your forehead. There are also small snowflakes at the corners of your mouth and tiny ones along your cheek.



  • There is only one version of this, however it unlocks both the grey and light blue version of the makeup:
    • Grey - Steel-grey snowflakes, with an a sort of whitish lipstick
    • Light Blue - Off-white snowflakes, with a greyish-blue lipstick



Grey Light Blue
December glamour, grey, female.png December glamour, light blue, female.png


Grey Light Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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