Death and Axes

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Death and Axes
MissionTitle DeathAndAxes.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Location: The Owl and Eagle
Start Coords: (1044,1026)
End Coords: (955,800)
Given by: Sophie
Type: Investigation
Recommended Level: 47
Reward: 4,640 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

Sophie, born close to the supernatural, is particularly sensitive to the spirits of the wronged. Recent events in the valley haven't made her life easier - but even before the dark pall descended, something tugged at her. Unravel its story.

Journal Entries

Mission Investigation.png Death and Axes       Main Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 47)
Sophie, born close to the supernatural, is particularly sensitive to the spirits of the wronged. Recent events in the valley haven't made her life easier - but even before the dark pall descended, something tugged at her. Unravel its story.
Tier 1
Something is haunting Sophie, scraping in her mind in search of clues and closure. All the restless dead have stories to tell, though some are more persistent than others.
  • Confront the spirit that weighs on Sophie
  • Gather more information concerning this ghost
  • Find clues on the case Ioan Patrascu was investigating
Tier 2
The inspector, Ioan Patrascu, had come to Harbabureşti to investigate a suspected murder before he himself vanished. Piece together the events that led to his disappearance.
  • Go to the initial crime scene
  • Investigate the crime scene
  • Examine the phone
  • Continue investigating the crime scene
  • Search for more clues
Tier 3
The spirit wanted you to find a series of clues, the most conspicuous of which is a discarded letter the victim had written to Sophie. Seek out whoever may have been involved in this case, and appease those who have been wronged.
  • Follow the clues in the letter
  • Look for Sophie's father
  • Look for Sophie's mother
  • Look for clues next to Sophie's father's corpse
  • Look for clues next to Sophie's mother's corpse
Tier 4
Sophie's parents were murdered, as was Mihail Sasu. Someone is slaughtering those who were intimate with Sophie and - if the missing inspector is any indication - perhaps those who are getting too close as well.
  • Analyse the clues using the inspector's laptop
  • Use the clues to accuse the murderer
Tier 5
Aron Sasu, smoker of Vârcolac cigarettes, guzzler of warm wine, a pitch black soul to go with pitch black hair. He fits the profile of the murder. His reaction proves his guilt, but doesn't yet explain his motives, nor the whereabouts of the missing detective.
  • Examine Aron's notebook
  • Locate the corpse of Ioan Patrascu
  • Kill the Herald of Hatred


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Confront the spirit that torments Sophie
Clue 1      
You've had to do this in previous missions
In order to talk to the dead, you need to be dead to. Die (or /reset) and go into The Owl and Eagle while in Anima form
  • Gather more information concerning this ghost
Clue 1      
You have to come back alive to continue your search
Clue 2      
The ghost says "Ioan Patrascu".
Clue 3      
The tavern registry (behind Sophie) has an Ioan Patrascu as signing into room 1
Go upstairs into room 1 and read the "Harbabureşti Note"
  • Find clues on the case Ioan Patrascu was investigating
Note in Romanian      
The note, in Romanian says - "Mihail sasu a fost gasit mort, spanzurat de gat. a fost chemat un comisar de politie de la Cluj. Nu asa merg lucrurile in harbaburesti. spune-i patrascu numai ceea ce trebuie spus si da-i viteza. Dupa aceea o sa ne ocupam de treaba asta asa cum stim noi. De vreme ce spiritul bietului baiat se tot invarte pe aici, i-am putea intreba ce isi aminteste. Daca este tulburat, ii vom aduce pacea. Daca arata cu degetul, vom face dreptate."
In English the note says - "Mihail Sasu was found dead, hanged. A police inspector was called from Cluj. Things don’t work like this in Harbabureşti. Tell Patrascu only what he need to know and leave asap. After that we'll take care of things, our way. As long as the poor boy’s spirit is still around, we should ask him what he remembers. If he’s troubled, will bring him peace, if he points with his finger, will do him justice."
Ioan is the police inspector, maybe he kept notes on his computer
On Ioan's laptop, in that room, ignore the menu and type "Mihail Sasu"

Tier 2/5

  • Go to initial crime scene
  • Investigate the crime scene
    • Interact with the cell phone at (997,705), at the base of the cliff
    • You will receive a Cell phone in your inventory
  • Examine cell phone
    • Use the Cell phone in your inventory.
    • The message roughly translates to "Minutes expired. Now it's in your hands. Find."
  • Continue investigating the crime scene
    • Interact with the love letter at (994,713), a little further away from the tree also at the base of the cliff
    • The love letter roughly translates to:
When you sleep late at night the spirits talk through your mouth. They don’t say nice things. Such horrors should not be coming from you, from your sweet face. Let’s run together far from the secrets of this town and from this valley of ghosts. I worked on Olaru’s land this weekend, along with your parents. They like me pretty well. I didn’t have the courage to tell them that I hope I’ll kidnap you. Come with me to the farm, Sunday. I can be brave. I’ll tell them I want to build our future together in the town, Do you want to come?
  • Search for more clues
    • There is a bottle of wine and cigaret pack at (974,702). They can be a bit hard to see unless you are right up next to them. They are on the opposite side of the river at the base of that cliff. Interact with them.

Tier 3/5

  • Follow the clues in the letter
Head to the Olaru Farm where Mihail asked Sophie to meet him. Watch out for the various Scarecrows (Ratcatcher, Slaughterhand, Watcher in the Row)
  • Look for Sophie's father
Look for a body at (1150,834), at a crossroads. There will be two Enraged Custurii next to it.
  • Look for Sophie's mother
Look for various bodyparts at (1106,875)
  • Look for clues next to Sophie's father's corpse
Clue 1      
It isn't a physical clue
Clue 2      
You need to be dead when you go near his body.
You can hear the ghost saying "V...L" when you select it
  • Look for clues next to Sophie's mother's corpse
Same as with her father. But this ghost says "1...5...9..."

Tier 4/5

  • Analyze the clues with Ioan's computer
Enter the ghosts clues into the computer - "VL159"
  • Use the clues to accuse the murderer
    • If you accuse the wrong person - you'll have to come back to the computer to restart this step
Clue 1      
Use Ioan's computer to use evidence find the suspect
Clue 2      
Harbabureşti is in Bacas County of Transylvania
Clue 3      
You found cigarettes at the crime scene, broken glasses near the father, dark (brown) hair near the mother
Clue 4      
The evidence should lead you to Aron Sasu
Clue 5      
Aron Sasu is a relative of Mihail Sasu
Using "Mihail Sasu" in the computer tells you he lived at house number 106 at (1088,1112). Aron Sasu, being a relative, lives there as well. Go to house number 106 to find Aron Sasu. Use "/accuse" to accuse him.Clue 6
  • Kill the Accused

Tier 5/5

  • Examine the Accused's notebook
    • The notebook is right next to the person you accused.
  • Locate the corpse of Ioan Patrascu
Notebook in Romanian      
Am stiut intotdeauna ca salbaticia o inbeste. Spiritele se asaza in jurul ei precum cainii langa foc. Insa anul acesta, cand a condus paparuda, mi-am dat seamu ca si en o inbesc.

Am gasit scrisorile fratelui meu. Scrisori catre ea. Chiar trebuie oare sa ne intrecem la toate? Atunci asa sa fie – Si fie ca cel mai bun dintre noi sa-i afle numele adevara.

Lumina din ochii ei a stralucit pentru o Clipa, apoi a pierit. A incercat s-o ascunda, insa am stiut. M-a luat drept el. L-a ales pe el. Daca eu nu o pot avea, de ce sa o aiba el?

Nu asa mi-am inchipuit eu de-loc nu mi-am inchipuit asa. Sa ma intorc singur de pe podul indragostitilor. Sa ma intorc criminal. Pasarile negre se strang la fereastra mea. Daca adorm, o sa-mi scoata ochii.

A venit un politist de la oras. Pasarile negre mi-au spus-o in clipocitul apei din uluci.

Razand ca tevile de scurgere, azi-noupte, in-au dus la ferma. pacatuiesc iar si iar. im are un gust sarat, ci dulce. Dulce ca otrava de soboiani.

daca eu nu o pot avea, de ce sa o aiba altcineva?

Politistul stie ca eu am fost. Se joaca cu mine asa cum o pasare neagra incoiteste sarmanul miel. nu va muri in somn, ca ceilalti.

Bolboroselile intunericului, iuresul iubitilor si fratilor morti. Imi spune sa aduc politistul. Adu-l acolo unde a inceput ura mea.

Notebook, translated      
I always knew she loves wilderness. The spirits hover around her like a dog around a fire. Sadly, I realized this year that I also love her.

I found my brother’s letters to her. Do we really have to compete for everything? So be it. The best amongst us should find her real name.

For a moment there was a shining light in her eyes . It disappeared after a while. She tried to hide it, but I knew. She took me for him (my brother?) She chose him. If I can’t have her, why should he?

I never ever believed this was possible. To return alone from the lovers bridge. To return as a criminal. The black birds fly towards my window. If I sleep they will pluck my eyes.

A policeman came from the town. The black birds told me.

Tonight at the farm..I have sinned gave me a sweet and sour taste… sweet as rat poison, If I can’t have her why would anybody else?

The policeman knows it was me. He plays with me, like a eagle around his prey. He’s not going to die sleeping, like the others.

The darkness mutterings, the lovers and dead brothers’ excitement, tells me to bring the cop. Bring him where my hatred started.

The note mentions returning from the lovers bridge as a criminal
Go to bridge over Lovers' Creek, at (943,797). The body is under the bridge. Use the corpse.


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Death and Axes
The townsfolk of Harbaburesti could not see things clearly. It required an outside force. An inspector from Cluj. An agent of the Dragon. Outsiders are free of local prejudices. They see things for what they are.

The world is no different. We cannot make sense of our own nightmare, and so we wait for an outside force to rouse us. But there is no one. No Martian inspectors are coming.

That is why the Dragon encourage us to detach ourselves, to forget, to become something more - or less - than human.

Today, one of the silent ones came and disconnected many of those around me, because - he said - they did not unlearn their names. I have unlearned. I, apparently, am no one.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Death and Axes
I'm going to pretend I didn't just watch an episode of CSI: Harbaburesti. Your primary interest here was getting the barmaid on our side? Because she's sensitive to the occult and you feel we can use this? I'm going to give you a chance to convince me.

Try to understand something. When we negotiate in places all over the world, we make sure to do so from positions of power. However, when stories start to leak about our agents taking on charity cases, it doesn't play in our favor. Ugh. You better at least have gotten free drinks out of this.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Death and Axes
There are far too many Cains in this world. I am all too well aware. In such grisly scenarios as this, one almost comes to expect that the brother did it. The Butchering of the girl's parents, however? That seems a bit much, even if the little black birds did tell him to do it.

Make no mistake, the revenant that stabbed at the heart of Aron Sasu was a terror worthy of your time. We shall be dire straits indeed when evil of this sort seems to us ordinary and trivial.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 4640
Anima Shards.png 1250
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 464
Anima Shards.png + 188
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag
Glyph Reward Bag.jpg 1 Glyph Reward Bag

First Time Completion Rewards
Blue Bag.jpg 1 Investigation Vanity Reward Bag



Forest God: You should, perhaps, ingest some of your own brew, to make the mind pictures fade.
Sophie: But I'm working, sweet. I can't drink at work. It'll pass. It always does.
Sophie: (noticing you) Sorry, I didn't see you. Was just...taking a break.
Sophie: I'm sensitive pain.
Sophie: Not my own. Other people's pain.
Sophie: People I know, and those people I don't know too, but at least only people.
Sophie: The strigoi...the bloodsuckers, vampires. I don't empathise with them.
Sophie: Their pain does nothing to me. Them I... Ow.
Forest God: Who was it this time? Who fell?
Forest God: Every day, another falls.
Forest God: So many have succumbed to the vampires and to other, darker things, deep in our old forest.
Forest God: There is no safe place for any of us any longer.
Forest God: Not even from humans who ought to know the Law.
Sophie: First few days, I could barely stand up. There was death everywhere, people I've known my whole life, villagers, farmers, my own family.
Forest God: They are at rest now, Sophie, in the woods on the other side.
Forest God: There they run with the deer through the glades, and soar with the birds into the clear blue sky.
Sophie: Not everyone, not all of them.
Sophie: Some deaths are incomplete, some dead are restless, and they...rummage.
Sophie: In my head. Like they're looking for something, pulling open drawers and closets. I feel them knocking about.
Sophie: There was much that happened down there, on the farms, when the vampires came.
Sophie: Horrible, horrible things. Death isn't the worst thing someone can do to you.
Sophie: Make sure you watch out for the dead as well as the undead when you're out there.
Sophie: The dead that walk are bothersome, but the dead that don't...
Sophie: They have stories to tell, and we need to listen.

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