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Dash (Ability) is an unofficial Ability Category. Abilities in the Dash (Ability) category cause the player to move in a direction (most often forward or backward) for a set distance, often affecting targets along the path. Dash (Ability) differs from Charge in this aspect, as Charge stops at the target.

Dash (Ability) Active Abilities

Assault Rifles

  • Tactical Retreat - Places hindering area, dash backwards, damage at initial point after time.
  • Razor Wire - Places an area the slow enemies and dash backwards.



  • Head On (The Streets) - Dash Burst attack
  • Gore (The Streets, Elite) - You charge to your target dealing XX physical damage to up to 6 enemies in a 5 meter radius as you arrive. Affected targets also become Afflicted with a damage over time effect that deals XX physical damage every second for 5 seconds. The duration of this affliction effect will be refreshed by hits from any attack, however, glancing hits will remove it.




Passives Modifying Dash Abilities


  • Double Dash - Reduces the recharge time of all Dash abilities by 50%.


  • Thrill of the Chase - Reduces recharge of movement abilities when hitting targets from behind.
  • Hardheaded - Improves Head On to dash 6 meters, affect up to 8 enemies and deal 25% more damage. "Head On" builds 1 additional Fist Resource if it hits 3 enemies, 2 if it hits 5 enemies, and 3 if it hits 7 enemies.

Auxiliary Dash Abilities

Rocket Launcher

  • Death From Above - You rocket jump 15 meters forward hitting up to 6 enemies in a 5 meter radius where you take off and where you land, dealing XX physical damage. Deals 9% of your maximum health as damage to you when activated.