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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Very work in progress Customization page. Meant to replace the tiny customization section in GUI and be a one step stop for all customization info.

Secret World Legends like most other MMO offers ways to personalize it's UI to the players liking, trough several methods.

Built-in Options

The game Funcom has already included two primary methods to tailor the user interface to your needs:

  • Interface Options (accessed using the main menu)
  • Lock (click the lock Menu icon on the upper right of the top menu bar to toggle edit mode)

Option Commands

The game also exposes all of the options presented in the Interface options as well as some that aren't usually visible to the player trough teh use of the /option and /setoption commands.

Setting Options

By typing the /option or /setoption into chat followed by option name and value to set.

So if we wanted to turn off the game's music I we would type: /setoption AudioMusicOnOff false to do turn it off and then /setoption AudioMusicOnOff true to turn it back on.

It's also possible to use /option AudioMusicOnOff to see the current value the option is set too.

Pressing the Tab key one or more times will show attempt to complete the name of the option that's typed or if nothing is typed it will simply show a list of all available options currently in the game. This includes options added by mods.

Useful Options

Option Values Description
combat_background false or true Shows or hides the dark gradient at the bottom of the screen. True to show, false to Hide.
SplashScreenFadeOutTime 0 to 15 Sets the time for the fade in effect after loading into a new zone in seconds. 0 will remove the delay. Accepts fractions (ex. 0.5)

The list above is only a small subset of all the options, for more see the full list of options.


The game also supports the creation of macros, which can be a series of commands or formatted text.

They're stored in the Secret World Legends\Script\ folder with no extension. So if you want a macro that's called using /mymacro in chat it would have to be saved in Secret World Legends\Script\mymacro.


Like it's previous version Secret World Legends continues to support UI customization trough the use of flash based UI mods.

Getting Mods

There's two major websites from where mods can be downloaded:

  • Curse (Note: Curse client has not been updated for SWL so use manual download only)
  • SecretUI

Both websites been around since the launch of The Secret World so also include a large amount of mods for the older version of the game.

Installing UI Mods

Secret World Legends mods are usually installed into the Flash folder as seen below:

  • <Secret World Legends Folder>
    • Data
      • Gui
        • Custom
          • Flash
    • Scripts

Mod folder (or files if it doesn't come in a folder) should be placed in the Flash folder.

Optionally the mod may include some macros that would need to be placed in the Scripts folder.

Custom Text Adventure Games

Additionally there's a possibility to create Custom Text Adventure Games like the ones in Immersion. Those custom text adventure games are placed inside Secret World Lengeds\Data\Gui\Custom\TextGames. In the old forums there's a guide to make a custom text Adventure

Creating UI Mods

Secret World Legends interface is built on the Scaleform GFx framework so mods are written using Flash and ActionScript 2.0. To compile the swl files usable by the game it's necessary to use Adobe Flash Pro (paid, known versions to work are CS5 and 6) or FlashDevelop (free).

Useful Links:

Additional Tweaks


Copying Keybinds

Copying Settings


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