Custodian of Curios

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Custodian of Curios
Custodian of Curios.png
Type: Clothing
Map Coordinates: (497,231)
Zone: Agartha
Region: Hub

The Custodian of Curios looks just like any other Agartha Custodian. However, he is a vendor that sells faction-specific items for The Whispering Tide event. He is located outside of the Hallowed Halls, next to the jump pad leading to "Public Raids (Deep Agartha)"


Item Name Level Price
Faction Automaton icon.jpg Faction Automaton 1 WhiteMark.png 50,000
Clothing-Chest.jpg Immaculate Carapace - Machine chestguard, red with white 1 WhiteMark.png 32,500
Clothing-Legs.jpg Immaculate Carapace - Machine plated leggings, red with white 1 WhiteMark.png 22,500
Clothing-Hat.jpg Immaculate Carapace - Machine helmet, red with white 1 WhiteMark.png 22,500
Clothing-Hands.jpg Immaculate Carapace - Machine gauntlets, red with white 1 WhiteMark.png 7,500
Clothing-Feet.jpg Immaculate Carapace - Machine boots, red with white 1 WhiteMark.png 15,000

Note that all of the Immaculate Carapace pieces are in Red and White. The Faction Automaton is one purchase, but when summoned will be the color associated with the faction of the player summoning it.