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They are your servants now. Ready to bend to your every whim. - Leaderboards

The mindless and wicked cultists of the Cult of Aten, ancient enemies of the Marya, worshippers of the Black Pharaoh and the Sun God Aten.



Atenists are the ancient enemy of the Marya. Recently they have invaded the village of al-Merayah[1] with the objective of converting the remaining villagers into the cult,[2] managing to take over the suburbs and keeping a blockade on the village center.[3] They managed to convert a Dragon agent into Atenism to act as an informant of the Marya doings.[4]


On al-Merayah their try to convert the remaining villagers into the cult by hiding amongst them, spreading their propaganda and sabotaging the fragile defences of the village,[5] setting explosives throughout the village. [6]


The source of Filth the Atenists use is in deep in the mountains and is extracted from the riverbed, that is springing from a cavern[7], using a pumping station to infect the soil, the water and food supplies with the The Filth, increasing their numbers. This riverbed connects to the Nile, which connects to the Atlantic.[8]




Monster - Cursed Cultists
Name Objective
They're Better Off Kill 10 Cursed Cultists
Leaving Is Hard to Do Kill 25 Cursed Cultists
Thought Reform Kill 50 Cursed Cultists
Deprogrammer Kill 100 Cursed Cultists
Apostasy Kill 500 Cursed Cultists
Countercult Kill 1,000 Cursed Cultists
Cognitive Dissonance Kill 5,000 Cursed Cultists
Cult-de-Sac Kill 10,000 Cursed Cultists


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