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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

The Secret World has a fairly complex system of currency, using multiple types.

NOTE: With Update 1.12 the currency system was completely re-worked and most forms of currency were removed.

Standard Currency

  • PaxRomana.png - Pax Romana - This is the standard currency usable at the majority of vendors for buying clothing, consumables, and most other items. Nearly all missions will give some amount of Pax Romana as a reward.


  • BlackBullion.png - Black Bullion - These are the standard reward tokens given to players as a reward for mission completion, Challenge completion, or other achievements
  • MoP.png - Mark of the Pantheon - These are reward tokens given for achievements beyond standard play. Primarily in Nightmare dungeons or completing weekly Challenges


These actually show up on the players list of Tokens, but are not given as rewards in-game and must be purchased from the In-game Store.

In-Game Store

Retired Currencies

These are the currencies or tokens that are no longer in the game:

In-Game Store

PvP Rewards

Mission Rewards

Scenario Rewards

Event Rewards