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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Secret World Legends uses multiple types of currency. Different currency types are used by different vendors.

Currencies and tokens do not use any inventory space, you can view them by clicking on the "Wallet" icon located on the lower right of your main inventory page.

Standard Currencies

There are four currencies used in Secret World Legends to purchase goods and services.

Icon Name Description
Anima Shard Anima Shard This is the standard currency used for upgrading items, repairing death penalty, and buying items for your British Museum of the Occult.
Mark of Favor Mark of Favor This is the standard currency usable at the majority of vendors for buying items. Marks are typically earned by completing Challenges.
Aurum Aurum This is a type of currency purchased with real-world money. It can be used some things directly (Outfits, Keys, Caches, Runspeed, etc), or it can be converted to or from Mark of Favor through the Auction House exchange.
3rd Age Fragment Third Age Fragment These used to buy various vanity items. They acquired by opening Caches.

Other Currencies

While not strictly "currencies" in that they are not used to purchase items directly, they do allow you to acquire items.
Icon Name Description
Cache Key Cache Key Used to open Caches.
Dungeon Key Dungeon Key Used to open Dungeon Caches found after each dungeon boss
Lair Key Lair Key Used to open Lair Caches.
Scenario Key Scenario Key Used to open Scenario Caches.