Cultist robes

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Cultist robes
Cultist robes, green-grey, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Uniform

Cultist robes are generic robes, with no specific cult or group markings on them.

The robe itself appears to be made from a fairy light-weight fabric of all one color/material. It also has a hood, which is worn up. The arms and bottom of the robe are hemmed from the same material. The hood is trimmed with a more satiny looking material, and there is a belt tied around the hips that appears to be from the same material as the hood trim. There are no pockets or other features.



There are two versions of the robes:

  • Black and red - These are an epic (purple) rarity drop from the bags.
  • Green-grey - These are an uncommon (green) rarity drop from the bags. They are really more of a brownish color, perhaps with a greenish tint, than a green-grey.



Black and Red Green-grey
Unknown.png Cultist robes, green-grey, female.png


Black and Red Green-grey
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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