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This page is for checking up on a various parts of Scorched Desert zone.

Main Page

Is there a main page for the zone with appropriate information


  • Over = Overview (Background, Timeline)
  • NPC = A list of NPCs (Resident / Non-Resident / Not-Encountered)
  • Agar = Agartha Entrance Location listed
  • LOC = Locations (Buildings / Landmarks)
  • Map = Maps (Lore / Rare / Mission)
  • Link = Links (Mission List / Dungeon / Achievements / Monsters)
Scorched Desert Page
Name Over NPC Agar LOC Map Link
Scorched Desert


When the text in the article is exactly the same as it's written ingame mark an X in it's box. When there's nothing to put there use O


  • Count = Mission number - has no relation to anything directly, just used to compare to the mission count on the Scorched Desert_missions page, to make sure they agree and we're not missing one
  • Img = Image for mission, or at least quest giver
  • Box = Missionbox information.
    • At a minimum, every mission should have: Region/Zone/Givenby/Type/Added/Reward
    • Non-Repeatable missions should have repeatable=no
    • Item missions should have at least startcoords, NPC given missions should have location or startcoords
  • Tex = Basic Journal Text for the Mission
  • Dia = Cutscene Dialogue
    • for Item missions unless it is a very unusual one that actually has dialogue
  • JE = Journal Entries for each Tier
  • Rew = XP / Pax / Sequins
  • DrR / IlR / TeR = Mission Turn-in / Report - for Dragon, Illuminati, Templar respectively
  • Walk = Basic Walkthrough with at least the steps per Tier if not more detailed information
  • Notes = Anything else
Scorched Desert missions
Name Count Img Box Tex Dia JE Rew DrR IlR TeR Walk Notes
A Lion in the Streets 1
The Madness of Men 2
The Last Legion 3 X X X X X
The Unburnt Bush 4 X X X X X Miss experience reward on repeat
From Below 5 X X X X
The Prometheus Initiative 6 X X X X X X
Pandora's Box 7 X X X X Dungeon mission
The Big Terrible Picture 8 X X X X X X X
Live Free, Die Hard 9
Demolition Man 10 X X X X X X X
The High Cost of Dying 11
A Shadow Over Egypt 12
The Siege of al-Merayah 13 X X X X X X X X
The Traitor 14 X X X X Misses Dragon/Illuminati Informant Dialogue
Old Gods, New Tricks 15
An Uneasy Alliance 16
The Living Oil 17
Angels & Demons 18 X X X X X Missing re-run reward
The Fate of al-Merayah 19 X X X X X X
From Oxford, With Love 20 X X X X X X X
A Flight of Locusts 21 X X X X X X
A Ghoulish Fate 22
Attack on al-Merayah 23 X O X X X X X
Between a Rock and a Hard Place 24 X X X
Consecration 25 X X X X
Droning On and On 26 X X X X X
Filthy Science 27 X X X X X X
Friends and Neighbours 28 X O X X X
Ghoul Pool 29
Headhunter 30 X X X X X X Missing the dialogue from the one that joins the Marya
King of the Hill 31 X X X
Letters from the Front 32
Modern Archaeology 33
Moving Mountains, Rising Sands 34
Not by Bread Alone 35 X X X X
Not on Google Maps 36 X X X X X X X X X X
Old Scotch, New Problems 37
Pass the Ammunition 38
Plague of Locusts 39
Primum Non Nocere 40
Pumped Up 41
Ruined 42
Scattered to the Wind 43 X X X X
Scorched Earth (Mission) 44
Signal Effect 45 X O 1/2
Supply Run, Too 46 X O X X X
Tainted Dreams 47 X X X X X
Ten Thousand Bullets 48
The Bomb Squad 49 X O X X X
The Eighth Plague (Mission) 50
The Fedora Express 51 X X X X X X X
The Little Drone That Could 52
The Scorpion Queen 53
Tomb Raiders 54
Touched by Fire 55
Wayward Weapons 56
Black Sun, Red Sand 57 X X X X X
From Carthage to Cairo 58 X X X
Pandora's Box Revisited 59 X X X
Return of the Red Nights 60 X X O
Blood Garments 61 X X O
Up in Smoke 62 X X O


For each NPC, once we have a the information correctly recorded put an X in that box


  • Image = Image of NPC
  • Box = NPCBOX information
    • Region / Zone / Location or Coords / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
  • Mish = Missions initiated or involved in
  • Diag = Dialogue. Page should have if it is or 3 separate dialogues if there are any.
Scorched Desert NPCs
Name Image Box Descrip Mish Diag
*: This page is a monster page, not an NPC.
**: This page is an pre-launch ARG character and not found in game.
***: This page is a character not found in game.


For each location, mark with an X if we have the information for that location


  • Image = Image of the Location
  • Box = Locationbox information
    • Region / Zone / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
Scorched Desert Locations
Name Image Box Descrip


Put an X in each box for the dungeon as it is properly recorded


  • Image = Image of dungeon, or related questgiver
  • Back = Background Information (normal only)
  • Env = Environmental Hazards
  • B1 = Boss 1 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B2 = Boss 2 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B3 = Boss 3 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B4 = Boss 4 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B5 = Boss 5 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B6 = Boss 6 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • Oth = Other Monsters
  • Lore = Lore Locations (Normal Mode only)
Scorched Desert Dungeons
Name Image Back Env B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Oth Lore
The Ankh