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This page is for checking up on a various parts of Savage Coast zone.

Main Page

Is there a main page for the zone with appropriate information


  • Over = Overview (Background, Timeline)
  • NPC = A list of NPCs (Resident / Non-Resident / Not-Encountered)
  • Agar = Agartha Entrance Location listed
  • LOC = Locations (Buildings / Landmarks)
  • Map = Maps (Lore / Rare / Mission)
  • Link = Links (Mission List / Dungeon / Achievements / Monsters)
Savage Coast Page
Name Over NPC Agar LOC Map Link
Savage Coast X X X X X


When the text in the article is exactly the same as it's written ingame mark an X in it's box. If there is no information to add there use an O instead.


  • Image = Image for mission, or at least quest giver
  • Box = Missionbox information
    • Region/Zone/Location or Coords/Givenby/Type/Added-In
  • Text = Basic Journal Text for the Mission
  • Diag = Cutscene Dialogue
  • JE/T = Journal Entries for each Tier
  • Walk = Basic Walkthrough with at least the steps per Tier if not more detailed information
  • DrR / IlR / TeR = Mission Turn-in / Report - for Dragon, Illuminati, Templar respectively
  • Reward = XP / Pax / Sequins
Savage Coast missions
Name Image Box Text Diag JE/T DrR IlR TeR Reward
Breakfast of Champignons X X X
The Rec Center Cannot Hold X 1/2 X X X
The Strange Boat House in the Mist X 1/2 X X X
Carter Unleashed X 1/2 X X X
Hell and Bach X X X
Hell Hath No Vacancy X X X
Into The Inferno X X X
Into The Inferno Revisited X X X
Science and the Arts X 1/2 X X X X
The Breakfast Cult X 1/2 X X X
The Faculty X 1/2 X X X
The League of Monster Slayers (Mission) Note in God Cave X X X X X X X
Taking the Purple X X X X X X X
The Black House X 1/2 X X X
Jack's Back X X X X X X X
Theme Park Tycoon
A Carnival of Souls
The Player, Not the Piece
Ami Legend
Strangers from a Strange Land
A Reasonable Man
Crime and Punishment
Life Imitating Art
Sinking Feelings X X O
Nobel Calling X X O
Another Bug Hunt
Army of the Deep X 1/2
Blue Fires Burning X 1/2
Bring it Bach
Crustacean Curse
Dear John X 1/2
Dear Reader
Extracurricular Activity X 1/2
Field of Nightmares
Fourth Degree
His Master's Voice
How To Get Ahead In Kingsmouth X 1/2
Infernal Vibrations
Property of Innsmouth Academy X O X X X
Red's Tackle
Send More Cops X 1/2
Shooting Filth in a Barrel
Stranger Than Fiction
Survival of the Dead
The Black Pool X O X X X
The Exterminator (Mission)
The Light That Blinds X 1/2
The Man in the Ebony Tower
Through the Looking-Glass X 1/2
Weapons of Minor Destruction
Winter's Legacy
Wisped Away X O X X X
To Sir, With Love X 1/2 X X X X
The Cover-up X X O


For each NPC, once we have a the information correctly recorded put an X in that box


  • Image = Image of NPC
  • Box = NPCBOX information
    • Region / Zone / Location or Coords / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
  • Mish = Missions initiated or involved in
  • Diag = Dialogue. Page should have N/A if it is N/A or 3 separate dialogues if there are any.
Savage Coast NPCs
Name Image Box Descrip Mish Diag
Ami Dexter
Kyra Dexter
Annabel Usher
Christine Armitage
Coach Roarke
Hayden Montag
Professor Albert Morgan
Professor Allen Dyer
Professor Amriel
Professor Charlene Malone
Professor Donna Lake
Professor Ferdinand Atwood
Professor Francis Ashley
Professor Gallard
Professor Jones
Professor Kraekenbuehl
Professor Mary Wilmarth
Professor Nadine Upham
Professor Renteaub
Professor Rita Gilman
Professor Warren Peaslee
Professor William Ellery
Daniel Bach
John Wolf
Nicholas Winter
Sam Krieg
Nathaniel Winter
William Dexter


For each location, mark with an X if we have the information for that location


  • Image = Image of NPC
  • Box = Locationbox information
    • Region / Zone / Type / Faction
  • Descrip = A basic overview / description
Savage Coast Locations
Name Image Box Descrip Notes
Overlook Motel X X X
The Treehouse X X X
The Black House X X X
Dream Quest Kindergarten X X X
Sycoil Gas Station (Savage Coast) X X No
Red's Bait and Tackle X X No
Innsmouth Academy X X X
Henderson Farm X X X
Kingsmouth Lighthouse X X X
Black Goat Pass X X No
Black Pool X X No
Bigfoot Cove X X No
Sips Head X X X
Tolba Bay X X No
Vinterskog Woods X X No
Viking's Run X X X
Norseman's Landing X X No
Insmouth Point X X X
Devil's Fork X X X
Cave of the Sleeping One X X X
Chegual Creek X X X
Black Goat Woods X X X
Miskatonic Bridge X X X
Sasqua Pond X X X
Atlantic Island Park X X X
Miskatonic River X X X
Solomon's End X X X
World's End X X No
Dead Man's Canyon X X X
Red Oak Beach X X No
Smuggler's Scar X X No
Frenchman Cove X X X
Pharaoh Beach X X X
Lover's Regret X X X
Hope's End X X X
Dagon Bay X X No
Calamity Cliff X X X
Suicide Bluff X X X


Put an X in each box for the dungeon as it is properly recorded


  • Image = Image of dungeon, or related questgiver
  • Back = Background Information (normal only)
  • Env = Environmental Hazards
  • B1 = Boss 1 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B2 = Boss 2 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B3 = Boss 3 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B4 = Boss 4 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B5 = Boss 5 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • B6 = Boss 6 (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics, and Loot)
  • Oth = Other Monsters
  • Lore = Lore Locations (Normal Mode only)
Savage Coast Dungeons
Name Image Back Env B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Oth Lore
Hell Raised



Targetable Items