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This page is for checking up on a various Dungeon instances.

Main Page

Is there a main page for the instances with appropriate information.


  • Over = Overview
  • List = Dungeon List
  • Agar = Agartha Entrance Locations for Elite/Nightmare versions
Name Over List Agar


When the text in the article is exactly the same as it's written ingame mark an X in it's box.


  • Image = Image for mission, or at least quest giver
  • Box = Missionbox information.
    • At a minimum, every mission should have: Region/Zone/Givenby/Type/Added/Reward
    • Non-Repeatable missions should have repeatable=no
    • Item missions should have at least startcoords, NPC given missions should have location or startcoords
  • Text = Basic Journal Text for the Mission
  • Diag = Cutscene Dialogue
    • for Item missions unless it is a very unusual one that actually has dialogue
  • JE/T = Journal Entries for each Tier
  • Reward = XP / Pax / Sequins
  • DrR / IlR / TeR = Mission Turn-in / Report - for Dragon, Illuminati, Templar respectively
  • Walk = Basic Walkthrough with at least the steps per Tier if not more detailed information
  • Notes = Anything else
Dungeon missions
Dungeon Name Image Box Text Diag JE/T Reward DrR IlR TeR Walk Notes
The Polaris Dead in the Water
Hell Raised Into The Inferno
The Darkness War The Darkness War
The Ankh Pandora's Box
Hell Fallen Sympathy for the Devil
The Facility From the Valley to the Stars
Hell Eternal Paradise Now
The Slaughterhouse The Slaughterhouse

Dungeon Pages

Put an X in each box for the dungeon as it is properly recorded


  • Image = Image of dungeon, or related questgiver
  • Box = Location box for the dungeon
  • Back = Background Information
  • Agar = Agartha Entrance Location listed
  • Map = Maps (Lore / Rare / Mission)
  • Env = Environmental Hazards
  • Bosses = Boss (Image, Monsterbox, Abilities, Tactics)
  • Monsters = List of monsters found in the dungeon
  • NPC = List of any NPCs in the dungeon
  • Loot = All boss loot table
  • Lore = Link to the dungeon Lore page
  • Achievements = Links to the dungeon achievements
  • Media = Images and videos for the dungeon
  • Oth = Triva or References for the dungeon
Name Image Box Back Map Agar Env Bosses Monsters NPC Loot Lore Achievements Media Oth
The Polaris
Hell Raised
The Darkness War
The Ankh
Hell Fallen
The Facility
Hell Eternal
The Slaughterhouse