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Spell out the secret word.


  1. Collect all of the letters that can be found throughout Emma's dream sequence, as part of the I Walk Into Empty mission
  2. Spell out the word "Teddy Bear" on the magnetic board after you have all the letters.


NOTE: Unlike other Achievements, this one can be done multiple times. Each time, there is a random reward of Raggy, Einstein, or Spencer. You can do this achievement in order to get all 3.

Other Information

This achievement is hard. If you fail any of the steps, you need to either wait until you run the mission again, or exit the mission and return to try again, before completing the mission. To exit the mission and re-enter the nursery, you have three choices: Either use your Agartha conduit to teleport and run all the back to the nursery, exit the game and log back in, then enter the nursery, or enter a PvP battle-zone (El Dorado, Stonehenge or Fusang Projects) and re-enter the nursery when the PvP battle ends and you are teleported back. Re-logging is by far, the fastest method for most people. You won't have to complete the entire nursery again, only the dream sequences.

  • The first letter (E) is found in the first cabin Emma/Anima blinks into. The one where she "blows up" and kills the woman. You need to be careful not to trigger that cut-scene until after you pick up the letter, or you will need to start over. Go into the bedroom on your left and the letter is on the bed.
  • The second letter (R) is on the big truck in the cave, which is the second location you fade into during the dream sequences. Go around the truck and turn to face back towards the place you came from, take the stairs on your left and the letter will be there. Yes, the truck has stairs on it.
  • The third letter (D) is in the third dream phase, the Orochi Group facility with the colored doorways. After the medical observatory room, you go into a receptionist room. It is under the desk on your left, in the trash can. Can be a little tricky to click on.
  • The fourth letter (B) is in the fourth dream phase, the honeycomb stairs. This is the hardest letter to get. As you probably know already, the honeycombs disappear from under you and if you fall, you move on to the next phase. The letter is at the top a set of stairs that require jumping the entire way. In addition, you need to "build" the set of stairs by completing all the other stair sets first. When you enter this phase, you come to a "platform" of seven honeycombs. From each of the six outer honeycombs, stairs will form and you need completely travel all of them, as doing so opens up/adds the next set of stairs. This requires careful jumping and excellent timing to avoid falling into the next phase. If you manage to get this letter, the remaining letters are a cakewalk.
  • For the purpose of this walk-through, I will refer to seven honeycombs in a hex pattern as a platform. The key here is patience and practice. It can be frustrating. At the end of every path is platform. Always walk to the center piece before turning around and going back.
  • Even though I have listed each of the steps in a certain order, the only one in which the order matters, is the last one, as it can not be done until all the others are done.
  • 1st: West by Southwest - This requires timing, but no jumping. Follow the honeycomb path. As a group of honeycombs turn black, the adjacent groups will appear, so you just need to be patient and time it. When you reach the platform at the end, turn around and come back the way you came until you come to the original platform.
  • 2nd: You will then go to the edge honeycomb that is immediately to your left as you come back on to the edge of the original platform. This path requires jumping. When you reach the platform at the end, once again come back the way you came. The jumps to return are trickier, as you need to jump up and forward instead of down and forward.
  • 3rd: You will then go to the edge honeycomb that is immediately to your left as you come back on to the edge of the original platform. (Notice the clockwise pattern.) Once again, like the first, this path requires patience and timing. When you reach the end platform just turn around and come back the way you came.
  • 4th: Same as before, next clockwise edge honeycomb, go to end platform, turn around and come back.
  • 5th: Same as before, next clockwise edge honeycomb, go to end platform, turn around and come back. This path requires careful jumping.
  • 6th: Final edge now has the starting stairs built. This path requires micro jumping. Get to the edge, jump up and hit forward while in the air. Be careful not to over jump. The easiest way to do this is to leave running turned on, but to not use sprint ("x" button for sprint, "backspace" button for run/walk). At the end of the path is another platform and the letter is in the center of it. Get the letter and jump off into the next dream phase.
  • The fifth letter (T) is in the fifth dream phase, the burning house. It is behind the house in the sandbox. Be careful not to trigger the "flame out" by walking too close to the house entrance. Best to jump the fence on either side and run along the side the house, avoiding the front until you have the letter. Go around the back and the sandbox with the letter in it is right there.
  • The sixth letter (Y) is inside the house in the room to the left when you enter. Same room as the lore honeycomb. There is a stand with a partially opened drawer. The letter is in the drawer.
  • The seventh letter (D) is a little tricky to Get. It is in the expanding hallway, on the floor, but behind you. After the hallway expands, turn around and move SLOWLY. When you see the letter, get just barely close enough to interact with it, but if you get too close, you are moved backwards and need to approach it again. You can keep trying until you get it. Move the cursor around some until it changes to the interaction cursor.
  • Now you have all the extra letters. When you enter the final room with the magnetic board, the extra letters will appear on the floor. Instead of spelling ANIMA, you will use all of the spaces and spell T E D D Y B E A R. You will get the achievement and to the left of the magnetic board, a teddy bear will become interactable. Each run through produces a random teddy bear from the list of three. It is possible to receive duplicates or multiples of the same bear in a row. If you get a duplicate bear, it's possible to restart the dream sequence and spawn a new bear with the methods outlined above.



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