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Corrupted is a Weakened state status effect


  • Icon: Corrupted.png or Orange Explosion status icon.png
    • The green icon tends to be used when players place corrupted on monsters, whereas the orange icon tends to be used when monsters place corrupted on players.
  • Type: Weakened
  • Stacks: Can stack up to 10 times
  • Effect: Each stack reduces the effectiveness of heal, barrier and leech effects on the target by 5% (up to a total of 50%).
  • Duration: 8 seconds per stack
    • Note that stacks remove one at a time when in combat. Once out of combat whenever the timer for the stack expires, all stacks are removed.

List of Corrupted Effect Abilities


  • Marked - Single target cooldown, sets 5 stacks.
  • Born Leader - Places a ground area that places Corrupted on targets inside.