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Type: Rakshasa
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal:?
XP Awarded: Normal:??
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Hell Raised
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Corroder is a the second boss encounter in the Hell Raised dungeons.


  • Frontal Cleave - Stay behind him whenever possible
  • Green Doughnut - Inside the doughnut hole with the monster is safe, so is very far away. In between the two areas causes damage.


There are a couple things to be aware of in this fight, but as long as you stand in the right area it should be pretty easy.

  • When the fight starts, there will be a firewall that appears at the top and bottom of the corridor he is found in. As the fight progresses, the bottom firewall will slowly move forward. If players cannot kill him fast enough they will be trapped between the two walls. Note that the exact edge of the fire is hard to see and so players are advised to give themselves some extra room.
  • Corroder has a vicious frontal cleave. Everyone except the tank should stay behind him.
  • He also casts a doughnut shaped AoE. Players should either be up close to him, safe within the "doughnut hole" or back up quite a distance to be outside the AoE. Typically it's easiest to move forward into the center of the effect.

The group should stop before the last corner before approaching Corroder. That will keep them out of range for the first green AoE attack. The tank will go forward and engage Corroder. He will almost instantly throw up his green AoE attack. As soon as that is over, the tank pulls Corroder up the corridor and around the corner to where the party is waiting. Pull him a little past the party so everyone is behind him (and safe from his Cleave) and then go to work on him.

Depending on the strength of the team and how fast they can kill him, the tank may need to back up a couple of times if the bottom firewall starts to get too close to where they are fighting.

Loot Table