Corbie topper

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Corbie topper
Corbie Topper, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Hat

The Baron Samedi Hats are part of the Baron Samedi set of clothes. This version of the hat goes with the other "black" versions of the other clothing items. However, it is considered a unique item because it is the only item that also has a special effect.

The hat is a a fairly tall Top Hat that has been slightly damaged and is crumpled on side and leans to the wearers left. There is a band thin leather, about 2 inches wide at the base of the hat, with a feather stuck in it. In this version, the had is black, the band is a medium-dark grey, and the feather is grey as well.



There is only one version of the Corbie topper. The other versions of this hat are known as Baron Samedi Hat


Female Male
Corbie Topper, female.png Unknown.png

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