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Type: Consumable
Map Coordinates: (427,457)
Location: The Yellow Sign
Zone: London
Region: Hub

This unnamed cook is working in The Yellow Sign in London, known for their Fish and Chips.


Item Name QL Price
Consumable-Cola.jpg Bingo Cola (x3) 0 PaxRomana.png 300
Consumable-Takeout.jpg Fish and Chips (x2) 0 PaxRomana.png 200
Consumable-Takeout.jpg Barramundi Sandwich (x2) 0 PaxRomana.png 200
Consumable-Wine.jpg Wine (x3) 0 PaxRomana.png 300
Consumable-Bottle.jpg Grape Juice (x2) 0 PaxRomana.png 200
Consumable-Bottle.jpg Orange Juice (x2) 0 PaxRomana.png 200