Contain the Filth

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Contain the Filth
Type: Filth-corrupted Creature
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:?
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Facility
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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This is the third boss encounter in The Facility instance. While considered a "Boss Fight", there isn't a single "Boss" monster here. Rather, it is a key battle.

Special Abilities


There are 6 "nodes" around a filth portal in the middle of the room. Players need to stand next to the nodes to disable them. Players should stay together as a group and disable one portal at a time.

While they are disabling nodes, there will be Initial Exposure Starshina and Initial Exposure Division attacking the group. They will spawn based on the number of nodes being deactivated which is why it is best to do one node at a time.

Periodically the screen will go black & white. When that happens all characters must immediately get to one of the raised platforms around the room. There will be a large AoE attack originating from the pool in the middle. Anyone caught in that attack will be killed.

Loot Table

1x from the following:

Possibility for: