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Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (625,635)
End location: [[(831,576)]]
Given by: The Smiths' computer
Type: Action
Reward: 666,650 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The Smiths had to abandon their research equipment at the hot springs because Mrs Smith Became exposed to the Filth. Mr Smith believes there are answers to be found in their research, but someone needs to complete it first..



Winston Smith is making a video recording. Julia Smith is on the bed behind him, sleeping.
Winston Smith: It's been two days since Julia was exposed to the corrupted anima, and while we have been able to slow down the infection, it's still spreading. We've attempted injections of undiluted, farmed anima, but so far... we knew the risk was high going to the hot springs for samples, but it was a risk worth taking. With such a high concentration of pure corrupted anima... pure Filth... we couldn't afford to pass it up.
Emma Smith walks into the room
Winston Smith: Emma...
Emma Smith: She's dreaming. They are not good dreams.
Winston Smith: What do you... Do you see anything?
Emma Smith: Oh, yes. Everything. The black dreams are inside her, and they are not just whispering, they're shouting. She's very strong. She's very brave. i know she doesn't like me, but...
Winston Smith: She likes you
Emma Smith: Please ,Winston. I know what she thinks of me. I'm just a lab rat in her head. You care. I don't blame her. She believes she's doing the right thing. You all did.
Julia wakes up for a moment
Julia Smith: I'm... sorry...
Emma Smith: No. You're not.
Julia goes back to sleep and Emma leaves the room
Winston Smith: I'm not confident she'll make it. The exposure was minimal, but... in this form, it doesn't take much. If I could only get back out there, collect more samples, I might be able to distill it, make sense of it. the equipment is ready, everything is ready... But those creatures guarding the site are a hell of a lot worse than the vampires and half-breeds and shapeshifters. Without armed escort, it's futile. I'm also having dreams... (coughs)... Emma remains unaffected. She's resistant to the corruption. And not only that, she can fight it. Destroy it. her anima is massively elevated and extremely active. It's unlike anything we've seen before, in any of our subjects. it's fascinating. I need to find a way to use that. She might be our final hope.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Recuperate the Orochi equipment and finish the Filth research the Smiths were conducting at the hot springs.
    • Locate the entrance to the hot springs
    • Recover the Orochi bio material testing kit
  • Tier 2: Scalding Filth has accumulated in pools inside the cavern. Its tentacles flourish and writhe despite the boiling temperatures.
    • Use the Orochi kit to collect 4 samples from the Filth pools
  • Tier 3: A unique strain of Filth spills out of the dead Elder Zmeu. Collect samples so they can be tested and compared.
    • Kill 3 of the Elder Zmeu and use the kit to collect samples of the Filth they leave behind
  • Tier 4: Head deeper into the hot spring caverns and locate the source of the Filth.
    • Find a path leading further down into the hot springs
    • Find the source of the Filth
    • Kill the Stalker in Darkness
    • Collect a Filth sample from the source
    • Inspect the Orochi laptop
  • Tier 5: A member of the Orochi science detail had prepared explosives to try and collapse the cave and keep the Filth from spreading. However, he perished from the infection before he could trigger the explosion.
    • Pick up the explosive charges
    • Place the first explosive
    • Place the second explosive
    • Place the third explosive
    • Use the laptop to activate the explosives




We have broken through. Your tireless data collection has been one of many keys that has allowed us to effectively counteract one strain of the Filth. One strain among thousands.

Until today, the result of exposure to the Filth - whether extreme, incidental, or peripheral - was certain mutation and/or death.

Today there is a 0.00087 percent chance of life!

Good intentions cannot save the world. Corporate greed cannot save the world. Neither scientists nor mystics can save the world. A thousand rats injected a thousand times - a thousand dropouts at a thousand terminals - a thousand predictions, models, equations, deviations, adjustments - a thousand wild stabs at the dark - we are saving the world.


This gives us some new Filth strains to put under the microscope. I'm told we're getting somewhere, but other than piled-up pizza boxes I haven't actually seen anything concrete come out of the lab.

Will keep you posted.

For now, the expectation is to overcharge for a cure just in time for the apocalypse. Employee discounts, of course.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what happened to the Smiths. I'd also love for us to stay away from all things Orochi. Mixed signals much? Welcome to corporate - we do whatever we have to to cover our ass.



This is the highest concentration of Filth we have yet encountered - you have also provided some new varieties of the strain to consider. R&D is adamant that this is all terrific news. I shall wait for the antidote before unbridling my enthusiasm.

The slowed progress of Julia Smith's symptoms suggests that Filth infection may indeed be treatable with controlled exposure to anima. That could be good news for Winston Smith, who appears to have suffered from periphery exposure. Through her anima-laden presence, Emma may be providing more than mere moral support.

Hope is entirely academic, of course. For now, all evidence shows that the strain is constantly adapting and overcoming any attempt to effectively treat it.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Locate the entrance to the hot springs
  • Recover the Orochi bio material testing kit
    • In back of a car, under a tree to the right of the entrance. Use the yellow-outlined 'Bio hazard collection kit' in the trunk of the car
    • You will receive Bio testing equipment in your inventory.

Tier 2/5

  • 0/4 Use the Orochi kit to collect samples from the Filth pools
    • There are various small pools of The Filth in the cavern.
    • You'll need to be standing in one when you use the Bio testing equipment to analyze it
    • It is possible to use the same pool for all 4 samples

Tier 3/5

Tier 4/5

  • Find a path leading further down into the hot springs
  • Find the source of the Filth
    • Follow the path downwards to the area marked on your map, at (863,576)
  • Kill The Stalker in Darkness
    • He will not attack until you do
  • Collect a Filth sample from the source
  • Inspect the Orochi laptop
    • Use the yellow-outlined computer next to the pool

Tier 5/5

  • Pick up the explosive charges
    • On the ground next to the computer
  • Place the first explosive
    • Use the white [] brackets at the base of the column near the filth pool
  • Place the second explosive
    • Use the white [] brackets at the base of the column near the filth pool
  • Place the third explosive
    • Use the white [] brackets at the base of the column near the filth pool
  • Use the laptop to activate the explosives
    • Same laptop as before
    • Select "confirm" to start the 10-second timer
    • Get out of the area before the explosives go off

Other Information

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