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Combat refers to the state a player enters when actively engaging a hostile mob/player. Typically, during combat the player and the opposing hostile force are damaging eachother's health pool, but other aspects such as healing and crowd control also play into combat mechanics.

An enemy possibly in an electrified state

When engaging in combat, the player character is usually flagged in the game system which can result in certain game mechanics (i.e. activating sprint or accepting an item quest) from being used.

Combat generally ends when either the monster, or monsters, the player has engaged is dead and all debuffs time out, or when the player/players themselves have died.

In combat, targets can be put into states that make them more vulnerable to certain skills. These targets can be either hostile or friendly[1].

An example of a state is one player using a skill to put an enemy on fire, and another player using a skill that does extra damage to targets on fire. Combinations may become an important part of parties in the game, but Funcom has expressed solo players won't be left out [2].


Main article: Damage

Damage is the game mechanic that allows abilities or actions to reduce the health of a target (player or NPC).

Damage is broken down into 2 main types - "Physical" and "Magic". With a few very rare exceptions, the Magic weapons do Magic damage. Melee weapons and Ranged weapons both do Physical damage (with no currently known exceptions).

The weapons can either do damage to a single enemy target or to multiple enemy targets.

There are "sub-types" of damage available to weapon abilities, depending on if they are single-target or multi-target.


Main article: Healing

Heal (or healing) is the game mechanic that allows abilities or actions to restore the health of a target (player or NPC), or in some cases absorb a set amount of damage.


Main article: Survivability

Survivability Tanking generally refers to how much damage a player character (or NPC) can receive or avoid before "dying". Survivability can be improved in several ways, based on which of the character's defensive statistics are highest.

Possible states

Main article: State

Weapon possibilities

Reticle Targeting

Main article: Reticle


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