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"Class" is the name that Secret World Legends uses for its starter builds.

NOTE: that this is not like how "classes" is used in most games. In SWL, it only refers to your initially granted weapons and abilities. As you progress through SWL, you will be able to buy all abilities and weapons at some point and you can even swap out your starter weapons and abilities as early as Kingsmouth.

As such, what is listed below is an overview of the starting builds. Players should start with whichever sounds best to them, or whichever is closest to the weapon combination they want to use eventually.


Name Primary Role Difficulty Assault Rifle Blade Blood Focus Chaos Focus Elemental Focus Fists Hammer Pistols Shotgun
Assassin Damage 3/5 P S
Demolisher Survival 2/5 S P
Gun Slinger Damage 2/5 P S
Magus Damage 4/5 S P
Mercenary Healer 3/5 P S
Punisher Survival 4/5 S P
Ravager Healer 4/5 S P
Trickster Survival 1/5 P S
Warlock Healer 5/5 S P


  • Role:
    • The Primary role this class is meant to fill. Damage = DPS and Survival = Tank
  • Difficulty:
    • On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being easiest to play and get used to and 5 being the hardest for new players
  • Weapons:
    • P = Primary Weapon
    • S = Secondary Weapon
    • Note that there isn't really any difference between Primary and Secondary weapons


Note that on the table above, "role" is just a suggestion. In general it is typically broken down by weapon used and what additional abilities those weapons offer. However, picking a class at character creation does not lock you into using those abilities or filling that role in groups.

  • DPS = Any weapon. All weapons and weapon combinations have the ability to be used as DPS builds
  • Healing = Assault Rifle (Leech), Blood Focus (Barriers), Fists (HoTs). These weapons have additional abilities that are specific to healing
  • Tanking = Blade (Defense), Chaos Focus (Evasion), Hammer (Blocking). These weapons have additional abilities that are specific to generating Aggro or increasing the character's defense
  • Support = Elemental Focus (DoTs and Roots), Pistols (Cleanse and Buff), Shotgun (Impair and Purge)

While Demolisher is listed as a Survival/Tank class - It would be very simple to focus on adding DPS abilities to the build to create a Blade/Hammer melee DPS character.