City of the Sun God

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City of the Sun God
City of the Sun God Map.jpg
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Type: Player versus environment

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The players must step through Amarna's dark mirror, a twisted temple city dedicated to the true face of the Black Pharaoh's god, the Aten.

Over thirty-three-hundred years ago, when the call was raised to resist Akhenaten's tyranny over Egypt, the Marya answered. Now it is the players' turn to lead the charge and ensure that Atenism can never take root again.

The first of the Young Warriors, the vizier Ptahmose and his seven children, are still here to serve as guides. They fought to end Akhenaten's reign, defeating the cultists and forever chaining the body of the Black Pharaoh inside his pyramid.

At least, they hoped it would be forever.

Ptahmose and his children made an eternal pact that the players must now help them keep. The children sacrificed their lives to become Sentinels - seven statues infused with the powers of Egyptian gods. They swore to watch over the city and keep its secrets from the world.

In this, the Sentinels failed; the city of the sun god has been breached.[1]


Current State

Notable Personalities


  • Amir - A Djinn who's disgust with humanity is not as great as his desire to protect the earth.
  • Ptahmose - An old man with a suitcase and a story who needs your help.


Notable Locations

Agartha Entrance

The entrance to (and exit from) Agartha can be found at the end of the Withered Spring. Coordinates are (772, 95).

The Seven Sentinels' monuments

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Nearby Landmarks


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Specific to The City of the Sun God

Scorched Desert plus the rest of Valley of the Sun God