Child of the Crawling Outsider

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Child of the Crawling Outsider
Type: Guardian
Difficulty Rating: Normal
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Damage Type: Physical
HP: 128,550
Region: Agartha
Zone: Corrupted Agartha (Instance)
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


The Child of the Crawling Outside creatures are apparently some sort of spawn of She Who Crawls Outside. The appear to be gigantic filth-spiders, and initially are hanging upside-down from the top platform in the Corrupted Agartha (Instance). During the fight with the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen, they will occasionally drop down from their perch and join the fight.

Their normal attacks are very strong, and it is recommended that off-tanks help clear them when they appear. A Normal/Penetrating hit can do 3,500 points of damge.

Special Abilities

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