Charles Zurn

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Charles Zurn
Charles Zurn.PNG
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: New York
Location: The Labyrinth
Coords: (235,344)
Faction: [[Category:CIA Characters]][[:Category:CIA Characters|CIA]]
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Occupation: Doctor
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Jeffrey Combs]]

Charles Zurn is the Illuminati doctor that induces the Tokyo Flashback mission on new players. [1][2]

Zurn has worked for many organisations before ending up at the Illuminati, notably the National Institute of Mental Health and the Central Intelligence Agency, and eventually it's Special Activities Division. During the 80s, he was responsible for Project MKULTRA. The CIA was particularly interested in people with extrahuman abilities, and recruited people, especially children, from around the United States. They eventually came under fire for civilian experiments after they ran out of research grants, after which point the Illuminati recruited him.


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I went through a bunch of acronyms to get where I am today. NIMH, the CIA, the SAD...I was headn' the MK-ULTRA project during the 80s - this was after it had been publicly shitcanned, obviously. Ha. Mind control. Wow. A great field. A lot of potential. The big deal in the Agency at the time was extrahuman abilities. Less of a zero-sum market than nukes. The Reds, industrious little dudes that they were, they were trying to breed their own supersoldiers, you know, "In Soviet Russia, science makes you." We took an identify-and-exploit approach, working with subjects like you, younger where possible, from around the States. A few we borrowed from other nations. And civilian experiments. A whole lot of civilian experiments! We sprayed LSD like it was going out of style. But there was a ceiling, a very tangible ceiling. After we'd burned through the first 30 million in research grants...oh boy. Accountability, recriminations. Constitutional rights, a real bad scene. Yes. I'm grateful to the Illuminati for really moving things forward.

The Labyrinth

This place is something else, man. Wow! I haven't been outside the Labyrinth since 2003. I really should check see if I still have clearance, but I've been so tied up at the office. Running the whole spectrum - new inductions, enhanced interrogations, exit interviews. You might think it blurs into one, but the barbiturate dosages are very, very different. That's why I use post-it notes, you know, he-he. Oh, and medicinal drugs. It's a completely self-sustaining arcology down here, no one even knows how big it is any more. Big enough to be a drag on the national grid, man! But it's all purpose-built though. The architecture mimics - get this - the dimensions of the cave systems used by the Mayans. Gateways to the underworld. Only we get cable down here too. A lot of cable. Have you ever had an altered state experience under the Yucatan peninsula? I can simulate the basics for you with an isolation tank.

Your work

I don't do much in the way of human interfacing. It's not really my department. I know this because they've been gradually raising the quarantine level on my lab to stop people getting in. You're probably not even allowed to be here, man. He-he. But I won't tell. You're safe. Heh. Here's a thing. After you view organisms on a macro-biological level for so long, it's like you've read all the spoilers. The exchange of signifiers, establishing the dominant-submissive hierarchy, the pheromonal checks and balances - that's a lot of work to go through for a conversation, am I wrong? There are considerably faster methods to facilitate information transfer. Just ask Kirsten Geary. No, don't! He-he... Eh, really don't. I'm only here to do my part in shuffling the Illuminated towards a higher mental level. Spiritually scientific level, man. Yes! Although you, you're fascinating. Long-dormant senses re-attuning, sectors of your brain, ancient memory sectors, growing... Wow, man. All thanks to that bee in your bonnet. If we could just pry that little sucker out and ask it a few questions... Oh, well. Try, Try again!

The secret world

You've got a lot of new, conflicting information about "reality" to take in, man. I'm almost jealous! Your mind will try to reject for almost as long as it can hold out. That's just learned behaviour. That's a passing thing, man, don't worry about it. It's very liberating to feel those old behaviours giving way. Thought connections stretching like chewing gum, and then snapping. There's a small risk of triggering some deep-rooted pyschoses, but overall those...those cases are rare, they're really rare, man. Nothing judicious application of ECT can't shake. Humans are so eager to accept rational explanations. When I worked for the Agency we sure massaged that eagerness, exploited it. Exploited the hell out of it! And we pumped a lot of stuff into the water supply, too man. Woo-ho-ho! A lot of stuff. Oh, but don't worry about it, just then while you were unconscious. You're good. Now you can witness terrible things, things that a month ago, a week ago might have blown your rational mind. You can do terrible things, too, although you don't have "science" or "magic" to thank for that, man. That's all you, baby.

The Illuminati

So, since before science was science, man has explored many different paths to enabling the full human potential. Medical, natural, occult, yadda yadda - and all of them operating within set boundaries. Or as I like to think of them, speed bumps on the highway to success. Limitations, what we should and shouldn't do, how far is too far. Wow. Talk about losing sight of the end goal, man! That's what makes this organisation so appealing, That Illuminati are big enablers. The New World Order isn't about removing freedom, it's about delivering, forcefully delivering, man, the opportunity to achieve. For us to re-ascend, to really work that top spot on Darwin's ladder. This is a very exciting time and place to be a scientist. I didn't show any hesitation in accepting their offer. They really didn't need to threaten me at all, man! Great power requiring great responsibility isn't a cautionary tale, man - it's a tragedy. But we're way beyond that man, way, way beyond that.

The Orochi Group

What can I say man, some advanced R&D groups get all the breaks. They're a private company, no audits or regulations to waste time on. They cherry-picked a think-tank out of the best universities, government agencies and war crimes tribunals in the world. All the money the Group makes off Saturday morning cartoons, and tablet computers, GM foods, daisy-cutter bombs, all of that goes straight back into tech. And no sense of humour. You think we play hardball? Whoa, man, let me tell you. We work with Orochi, work around them. Work on them. And I've been a part of some accelerated encouragement programs, but they do not slip up. They must have a great internal review process, man. Well...until now. Sure, any dimensional dirty bomb you can walk away from is a good one. But now everyone's going to be looking at the Orochi Tower and asking, "What have they been building in there?" Oooh! And I, for one, cannot wait to find out. I'm grabbing popcorn for this one, people.


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