Character creation

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Screenshot of creating a Dragon character.

Character creation, designing who you want to portray as you make your way through The Secret World.

Faction selection

Before you can design your character you have to choose your faction. There are three playable factions: The Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars.

You can only play one faction per server and once your character is created, the only way to change the faction of that particular character will be to delete and start over.


Once a faction has been selected, the player can then customize the appearance of their avatar. Customization includes facial features, hair color and shape, skin color, and body size. You are also able to choose from a selection of starter clothing options.

Choosing a name

The final step is to choose a name. You are required to supply a first and last name as well as a nickname. The nickname is required to be unique and is what other players will see in chat channels and out-and-about in the world as well as what they will use to invite you to groups and raids.[1]

Welcome to the World

The player experience begins. You watch your "recruitment" into your chosen faction and make your way to your faction's hub city.