Champion (Deck)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Deck. For other uses, see Champion.

Champion (Deck)
Champion (Deck).jpg
Weapon 1: Blade
Weapon 2: Fists

The Champion Starter Deck is a melee fighter deck that excels at quickly cutting down mobs of enemies in a surge of lightning-fast AoE attacks.


Talismans that boost the player's Attack rating are the preferred equipment, as the Champion deck benefits greatly whenever the player successfully Penetrates the target's defences.

Only two Active Abilities in this deck actually consume Resource, while the rest are on cool-downs, making this deck hit fast and furious in the beginnings of combat. Ideally, the Champion lunges into combat with Surging Blades, immediately following with Stunning Swirl to hold the targets in place with an Impaired state, before following up with a series of Balanced Blades. Balanced Blade can continue maintaining Momentum, since it builds two Blade Resource each time it hits an Impaired target. If anything is still left standing after that, the Champion can alternate between Wild at Heart and Blade Torrent, or between Wild at Heart and Nurture, depending on how many enemies remain and how badly they need to recover.

Martial Discipline, coupled with Regeneration and Fluid Defence, buys the Champion some breathing room if they manage to get in over their heads.

Weapons Required



  • Wild at Heart - [4 AP, Active, Single Attack, Single, Effect: Feral Regrowth] - A single target fist weapon attack that deals a large amount of damage. Grants Feral Regrowth. Consumes all fist weapon resources.

  • Nurture - [1 AP, Active, Direct Heal, Single] - A single target fist weapon heal and heal over time effect on your defensive target. Builds a fist weapon resource.


  • Lick Your Wounds - [1 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - Whenever you successfully hit a target, you get a small heal over time effect.
  • Dark Potency - [2 AP, Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - Whenever you set afflicted state, you have an increased penetration chance for a short time.