Catherine Stuart

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Catherine Stuart
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: London
Location: Temple Club
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Lore

Catherine Stuart is twin sister to Mary Stuart and they have taken it upon themselves to "civilize" Iain Tibet Gladstone. They can typically be found with him inside the library at the Temple Club.

John Galahad also makes references to the Stuart twins in his various dialogues.


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  • Yourself #1
Catherine Stuart: Don't mind my sister, she's very focused on the dress parade.
Catherine Stuart: Thought Jacques de Molay was a haute couture label.
Catherine Stuart: I'm more of...a political observer.
Catherine Stuart: I know, the cut of this dress doesn't spell out "shrinking violet."
Catherine Stuart: They say if you've got it, flaunt it, and these legs have a PhD in political science.
  • Yourself #2
Catherine Stuart: The Templars, the whole secret world, all wheels within wheels.
Catherine Stuart: Always needing seizing or greasing.
Catherine Stuart: You're a tiny - but perfectly-formed, if I do say so myself -
Catherine Stuart: cog in an immense and terrifying machine.
  • Yourself #3
Catherine Stuart: I wouldn't let it dring you down, sweetheart, it's been like this since the year dot.
Catherine Stuart: But when the superhero kick wears off, always remember how the world works.
Catherine Stuart: In a depressingly mercenary fashion.

The Temple Club

Catherine Stuart: This was a club for gentlemen only, back in the good old days of privilege.
Mary Stuart: We Stuart women have been working on widening the door policy since.
Catherine Stuart: We're not officially Templars -
Mary Stuart: More "Templar Advisors."
Catherine Stuart: Not to suggest that the Templars have ever listened to our advice.
Mary Stuart: Scandalous! We're their "What Not To Wear,"
Mary Stuart: bringing a touch of class to a dreary military-occult complex.
Mary Stuart: Was it the Roman recruiter you met? She was one of mine. Understated.
Catherine Stuart: Sister dearest, I don't think that word means what you think it means.
Mary Stuart: I've understated before.
Catherine Stuart: It's true the Templars prefer us to be seen and not heard.
Catherine Stuart: If the secret societies were in any danger of being run by grown-ups
Catherine Stuart: the library here would be accessible to all.
Catherine Stuart: But fingers are still being pointed over the faux pas at Alexandria.
Mary Stuart: That swan dress?
Catherine Stuart: The burning of the library.
Catherine Stuart: It was a really hideous dress, though.


Mary Stuart: Now that we're out of cocktail season, rehabilitating Gladstone is our full-time project.
Mary Stuart: Oh, don't feel left out. e always make time to receive the bright young things coming through Temple Hall.
Catherine Stuart: Gladstone is one of the great occult minds of our age.
Mary Stuart: It's a very small, very high-risk field, being a great occult mind.
Catherine Stuart: Yes, they usually end up losing them to elder gods with names like a mouthful of cornflakes.
Catherine Stuart: He'd been going native - every kind of native - for thirty years.
Catherine Stuart: Then the Templars fished him up off the coast of Kalimantan and brought him home.
Mary Stuart: We've got him housebroken again, dressing again. Writing and lecturing again, mostly comprehensibly.
Catherine Stuart: Of course he's not permitted to leave. It is a shame.
Catherine Stuart: He's like a caged bird in here. A shabby, flightless thing with a hairy beak that stinks of sherry.
Mary Stuart: A bird who licks cane toads and must be gently, but firmly, reminded to wear pants.

The secret world

Catherine Stuart: Watching the secret world from the outside gives us a better perspective on events.
Catherine Stuart: The societies are like those pre-Florentine painters:
Catherine Stuart: obsessed, genius, and completely unable to appreciate their angles are all out of whack.
Mary Stuart: Or that their portraiture is all giant heads and tiny hands.
Mary Stuart: You can't blame faulty vanishing points for that. Don't you remember the fivehead on Elizabeth?
Mary Stuart: We're losing our audience, Catherine.
Catherine Stuart: I am awful. Perspective. Everyone's in it for themselves,
Catherine Stuart: even the Council of Vencie, ho like the idea of having final say just a little too much.
Catherine Stuart: Everyone sees things relative to their own goals, and not in relation to, say,
Catherine Stuart: the approaching end of mankind.
Mary Stuart: But don't worry. We backed the Templars' horse because my fondness for ponies hasn't led me astray yet.
Mary Stuart: Think about how all events are connected,
Mary Stuart: One unraveling the next, and you'll go far. Too vague?
Catherine Stuart: All the best ones are.

The Secret War

Catherine Stuart: Oh, the Templars are huge supporters of the Great Game.
Catherine Stuart: In places where a trickle of the old power remains - less than a dozen left now, I think -
Catherine Stuart: the societies have graciously agreed to fight fairly.
Mary Stuart: The noble art of "Gotta catch 'em all."
Mary Stuart: So they send out their strapping young things to struggle, die grisly deaths and be reborn.
Mary Stuart: Someone wins, a flag changes hands, rinse and repeat.
Catherine Stuart: The blessing of the bees has made all the difference.
Catherine Stuart: Back when there was less of the old buzz-buzz in the air, it was much more grim.
Catherine Stuart: Venice did their best to umpire sportingly.
Catherine Stuart: But third degree burns, gangrene, accidental decapitations, et cetera didn't half spoil the mood.
Mary Stuart: No it's just ritual aggression, like squash , or rugby.
Mary Stuart: You can be obliterated in the name of your order claiming a pile of rocks, and
Mary Stuart: still be home in time for Pimms and canapes.
Catherine Stuart: What better way to spend the precious gift of eternal life?
Catherine Stuart: We'll be rooting for you. Come on you Reds!

The Illuminati

Catherine Stuart: Illuminati, the type ho think revving the engine on a muscle car is a good icebreaker.
Mary Stuart: They've elevated the vulgar to a modern art form, ever since they cut away from mysticism to spite the Templars.
Mary Stuart: Their future is more 1984 than Orwell's ever could have been.
Mary Stuart: Shoulder pads and slicked hair, cutting lines with platinum cards.
Catherine Stuart: All that Masonic symbolism, the golden lodges, it's just an empty front.
Catherine Stuart: There's no secret handshakes. They don't know what handshakes mean anymore,
Catherine Stuart: other than client-server connectivity.
Mary Stuart: We may be a little biased, seeing as we've never made the guest list for their Big Apple basement.
Mary Stuart: I hear it's the Guggenheim of bomb shelters.
Catherine Stuart: Oh, "The Labyrinth." I suppose they haven't forgotten all their classics after all.
Catherine Stuart: Oh, and they're industrious!
Catherine Stuart: Working towards a revolution that won't just be televised, it'll be pay-per-view.
Mary Stuart: The Roman Empire II: Rome Harder.
Catherine Stuart: Caligula with a spray tan.

The Dragon

Mary Stuart: Now there's a way to kill a conversation stone dead.
Catherine Stuart: All these secret societies frantically building so they might be ready for the apocalypse,
Catherine Stuart: and one tearing everything down.
Catherine Stuart: It's a very deconstructionist approach to conspiracy.
Mary Stuart: They lost me at "harmony." Harmony is terribly boring.
Catherine Stuart: Spoken as only my sister could, she of the speed spiritual retreat.
Mary Stuart: Seven days in Tibet.
Catherine Stuart: The Dragon are beyond harmony now, post-harmony,
Catherine Stuart: taking the concept to it's illogical extreme.
Catherine Stuart: Thousands of years spent zoning in on the space between order and chaos.
Catherine Stuart: They pull the tablecloth out from under the still life of the world.
Mary Stuart: Do the vases fall or stay on the table? Will they make a sound?
Mary Stuart: I'd see their philosophy if it was exhibited at the Tate Modern...
Mary Stuart: But the Dragon prefer the medium of interpretive terrorism.
Catherine Stuart: I hear it's the next big thing.