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Alex McCall

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Alex McCall quickly took advantage of his knack for the supernatural after investigating a story about a series of ritual murders in Manchester. He is one of the NPCs that appears in the Tokyo Flashback segment. He is featured in the Funcom's "The Secret World - CGI 3" trailer.

Kirsten Geary

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Kirsten Geary is the recruiter and the early mission contact for the Illuminati. We know from interviews with Joel Bylos that Kirsten has shaped the new rising stars of the Illuminati and she has a great deal of power and power via favors.

Mei Ling

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Mei Ling felt it was her duty to join the war effort and the The Dragon to protect her family and homeland Beijing. She is featured in the CGI trailer The Firestarter, where she is attacked by a creature after making a refreshing strawberry drink.

Rose White

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Rose White was originally introduced during the CGI trailer, The Puritan and later the Templars, she has become the poster child for the "new blood" of the Templars. A quiet, withdrawn, and intense 21 year old, she prefers the 21 centuries of traditions that the Templars hold to and follow.

Richard Sonnac

Main article: Richard Sonnac

Richard Sonnac is the liaison with the secret society known as the Templars. In the gameplay footage, he introduces Templars as a "21st century," forward-facing organization that holds its ties in tradition. He provides the first story mission for Templars players.


Main article: Zuberi

Zuberi is a highly experienced Haitian shaman with no known allegiance. His practices of witchcraft and voodoo hurt, help, and open and shut portals in our world and beyond.

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