Cargo pants

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Cargo pants
Cargo pants, blue, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Legs
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: 4000 Pax Romana

The Cargo pants are offered in two similar, but distinct, styles. The first is a camouflage type pattern similar to the pants for BDU's worn by U.S. soldiers. The second style is more of a traditional Cargo pants.

The cargo-pants pattern has decorative stitching up the side of the legs, across the backside, and down the top half of the back of the legs.

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The Cargo pants are available in the following colors

  • Blue - A light-blue and grey camouflage pattern
  • Brown - A medium-brown and grey/brown camouflage pattern
  • Camouflage - Should be named "grey" - a medium and light grey camouflage pattern
  • Green - More of a brown/green and light-brown camouflage pattern
  • Grey-blue - Grey-blue material, with red decorative stitching
  • Yellow - A dull off-yellow, with red decorative stitching


Blue Brown
Cargo pants, blue, female.png Cargo pants, brown, female.png
Camouflage Green
Cargo pants, camouflage, female.png Cargo pants, green, female.png
Grey-Blue Yellow
Cargo pants, grey-blue, female.png Cargo pants, yellow, female.png

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