Cap with scarf

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Cap with scarf
Cap with scarf, green, female, side.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Hat
Source: Women's Headwear
Price: 110000 Pax Romana

The Cap with scarf is a small scarf tied over the head like a bandanna with a simple baseball cap worn over it. The cap is worn backwards, with a little of the bandana shown in the front.

In all color options, the piping on the baseball cap is white, and the decoration on the scarf is white as well. The color of the item describes the baseball cap color. The scarf color varies by cap color.

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The Cap with scarf are available in the following colors

  • Black - Black cap, bluish-purple scarf
  • Green - Green cap, yellow scarf
  • Orange - Orange cap, brown scarf
  • Pink - Purplish-pink cap, red scarf
  • Purple - Bright purple cap, pink scarf
  • Red - Red cap, brown scarf


Black Green
Cap with scarf, black, female.png Cap with scarf, green, female.png
Orange Pink
Cap with scarf, orange, female.png Cap with scarf, pink, female.png
Purple Red
Cap with scarf, purple, female.png Cap with scarf, red, female.png

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