Callie James

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Callie James
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: London
Location: Ealdwic Park
Background Information
Species: Human, Bee
Nationality: English
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Annabel Scholey]]

Callista "Callie" James recently acquired her powers via a bee, the same as many of the recent London visitors. Courted by the Templars, she has not yet chosen a society to associate with; instead she spends her days with John Galahad in Ealdwic Park, gaining control of her new abilities and meeting others like her.



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  • Yourself #1:
Callie James: Let's make a deal, yeah, you and me, no patronising.
Callie James: I get the feeling we're in the same boat, so fair's fair.
Callie James: You've got that look, yeah that one, like you've seen the end of the galaxy.
Callie James: And I've grown up pretty fast, since I learned I could start fires with my head.
Callie James: Bang goes the ballet school dream.
  • Yourself #2:
Callie James: Try explaining that one to your parents, or to the police.
Callie James: So I ran away from home, and ended up here.
Callie James: It's really put teen angst in perspective.
Callie James: Back then I used to worry about fitting in.
Callie James: Now I worry about people disappearing, and never knowing if they skipped town or were pulled through a shadow.
Callie James: Or if they switched sides, however many sides there are.
  • Yourself #3:
Callie James: Or if they'll try to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act of 1983.
Callie James: So much for Gran always being my shoulder to cry on.


  • Ealdwic #1:
Callie James: I am so not a city girl.
Callie James: I grew up near the Yorkshire Moors, where you can just walk away from town and be in the old hills.
Callie James: In the smell of summer heather, the crackle of burnt cut grass.
Callie James: Everything is magic, still.
  • Ealdwic #2:
Callie James: My report cards were always:
Callie James: "Callista needs to concentrate harder," but I was concentrating!
Callie James: Just maybe not so much on maths, or physics. That wasn't real to me.
Callie James: You couldn't live in a place like that and not believe all the legends. Well, I couldn't.
  • Ealdwic #3:
Callie James: After my "accidents"...
Callie James: Ah, I don't even remember how I made it to London, or found my way to Ealdwic.
Callie James: In the shadow of this great tree, it's like being back in my countryside again.
Callie James: Mr Rosenbaum took me in at the hotel, gave me a room just like my old one...
Callie James: I prefer to sleep in the park. The stars are as clear as crystal here.
Callie James: You can see the beginning of the universe.

John Galahad

  • John Galahad #1:
Callie James: Okay, so John's a bit of a letch.
Callie James: He keeps his hands to himself, though, more than my old classmates would have managed.
Callie James: They'd think "courtly love" was something that goes on behind the gym.
Callie James: John's a gentleman, a proper knight,
Callie James: or he thinks he is one. And that's good enough for me.
Callie James: I learned to read from Arthurian literature.
Callie James: Always hoping a knight would come questing past my window astride a white charger.
  • John Galahad #2:
Callie James: What! Like I said, it was tough for me to fit in.
Callie James: You don't find my idea of romance on Hollyoaks. Their loss.
  • John Galahad #3:
Callie James: Anyway, I look after John like a good squire should.
Callie James: It would be a bigger deal if he had a real horse or an actual sword.
Callie James: Or if the enemies of the glade he's always talking about ever showed up.
Callie James: Mostly I just hold his hair out of his face when he's had too many ciders.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1:
Callie James: Oh, short answer,
Callie James: this is just awesome.
Callie James: All my life I believed, I knew, the world was a strange and magical place.
Callie James: And it really is.
  • The Secret World #2:
Callie James: Getting pushed down the rabbit hole, not so great.
Callie James: I didn't try ot be a pyromaniac, it just
Callie James: happened. Over and over.
Callie James: I didn't ask to hear Gaia's voice in the buzzing of the bees, to learn the things she said there.
  • The Secret World #3:
Callie James: And...I'm homesick.
Callie James: I miss my mum and dad.
Callie James: I hate writing them guilty postcards with no return address,
Callie James: telling them that I'm really okay, that I'm alive and not on drugs or...
Callie James: selling myself.
Callie James: I hate thinking they're disappointed in me.
Callie James: They thought I'd be a painter maybe, or a dancer.
Callie James: Not a wizard.
Callie James: Wizardess. Sorceress.
  • The Secret World #4:
Callie James: It's like having the most vivid dream, but still remembering how it felt to be awake.
Callie James: How normal.
Callie James: can't wake up.

The Secret Societies

  • The Secret Societies #1:
Callie James: I haven't signed up yet, I don't want to rush into it, and it's not like I'm an automatic Templar.
Callie James: Templars?
Callie James: Templar. Just 'cause I'm here doesn't mean they get to say bagsy.
Callie James: There's still so much I have to learn about magic.
Callie James: Where it came from, how to control it.
Callie James: Retardant foam is a nightmare to get out of your hair.
  • The Secret Societies #2:
Callie James: I'm keeping my options open, listening and watching.
Callie James: Illuminati guys used to come to the Horned God all the time.
Callie James: Trying to tip and complaining about warm beer.
Callie James: Not as much now, since they decided to rewind four hundred years of peace and start penetrating each other.
Callie James: With bullets. Bullets!
  • The Secret Societies #3:
Callie James: But I guess I'm Templars material when it comes down to it.
Callie James: I'm just not sure if they believe in the chivalry I do.
Callie James: If it's just a uniform to them, and not the heart beneath it.
Callie James: I love the whole knightly idea. I want to get Beardsley's Sir Bedevere tattooed on my-
Callie James: Whoa, shut up, Callie.
Callie James: Has anyone told you you're a really good listener?


  • Gaia #1:
Callie James: Even before the fainting spells started -
Callie James: wow, spells, that's a good one.
Callie James: Even before those, back when I was halfway to normal, I would hear voices.
Callie James: Just one voice, really, but in different places.
Callie James: In the rustling of the corn, the waves on the coast, the wind off the Moors.
  • Gaia #2:
Callie James: It was gentle, and soothing, even if I didn't understand the words.
Callie James: Like when I was little, my mum singing me nursery rhymes in the old cottage.
Callie James: Oh yeah, we were a total bunch of hippies.
  • Gaia #3:
Callie James: John told me it was Gaia. This great mythical beautiful woman,
Callie James: although of course everything in John's world is a beautiful woman, right?
Callie James: God, I'll never look at lilies the same way again.
  • Gaia #4:
Callie James: But Gaia? She's not cross with us, not even disappointed, which kind of makes it worse.
Callie James: She picked us out for a reason, but won't tell us what it is.
Callie James: How does her garden grow?


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