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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. This content is not available for the TSWicon.png TSW Classic version.


Lockboxes, termed "caches" in Secret World Legends, can only be opened if the character possesses one or more cache keys Cache Key.


  • The character must be level 15 or greater for caches to drop.
  • Specific lockboxes will be on a rotation. Funcom has not specified the time-frames.
  • When a cache stops dropping, existing stocks can still be used, even bought and sold on the auction house.


Cache Introduced Removed Notes
Agarthan Cache June 23rd 2017 July 26th 2017
Infernal Cache July 26th 2017 September 7th 2017
Future-Tech Cache September 7th 2017 October 11th 2017
Haunted Cache October 11th 2017 April 4th 2018
Tribal Cache April 4th 2018 TBA

Other Caches

Other cache rewards have their own keys.

Cache Location Key Notes
Dungeon Any Dungeon Instance Dungeon Key Dungeon Key Appear After Each Boss Defeat
Lair Lair Key Lair Key
Scenario Scenario Key Scenario Key