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Cabals in The Secret World are equivalent to guilds in other MMORPGs. Very little information has been released regarding cabals except that they will play a vital role in PvP. Players are not required to join cabals in order to play the game, but will have more content open to them if they do join one.

A list of cabals can be found in the [cabal listing directory].

Creating a cabal

At the moment, it is unclear what the requirements to creating a cabal will be. There has been no mention if there will be monetary requirements for chartering a cabal or whether there will be a member number requisite. All cabals must align themselves with a specific secret society in the game and a cabal can only have same faction members.[1]


Another benefit to being part of a cabal is that there will be cabal housing in the game. Little information has been released on housing, however, it has been confirmed that the housing will reside outside the faction headquarters.[2] Cabals will be able to furnish and decorate their housing.[3]

Also, there will be streamlined leaderboards tracking the success of cabals. These leaderboards not only measure in PvP, but also other aspects such as exploration, crafting, and PvE missions. The leaderboards will grant rewards to those holding the number one spot such as special titles for cabals or players.[4] They will be available both inside and outside of the game.[5]