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| image = 
| mapcoords = {{Coords|???|???|Kingsmouth|{{PAGENAME}}}}[[Category:Needs coords]] 
| region= 
| zone= 
| type= 
| faction = 
| achievement =

<< See [[Template:Locationbox]] for instructions on filling out Locationbox items
<<see [[Template:Coords]] for instructions.  Remove "needs coords" category once filled in


<<Put description here. 

:*NPC Name
<<Mainly used for gameworld area (not instances).  Put links to resident's pages here if used.  Delete this section if not.

===Starts at this location===
;NPC Name
: Mission Name

===Missions involved in===
: <Mission Type Icon><Link to Mission page>

<<Use the format above to list any character given missions in this location.
<<Use the list below to create the appropriate mission icons
'''Mission Type List''' 
:{{a|25px}} [[Action mission]]
:{{g|25px}} [[Dungeon (Group) Mission]]
:{{i|25px}} [[Investigation mission]]
:{{s|25px}} [[Story mission]]
:{{sab|25px}} [[Sabotage Mission]]
:{{scn|25px}} [[Scenario Mission]]
:{{e|25px}} [[Side (Item) mission]]

<<Use missionstub if significant information is missing

== Map ==
* {{PAGENAME}} is located at ...
* Map coordinates are {{Coords|???|???|Zone|{{PAGENAME}}}}

<< See [[Template:Coords]] for instructions on the Coords templates. Leave {{PAGENAME}} in the template to auto populate the current location name on the co-ord map.

<<This section is only used for instances or very small locations.  If used, create links to monster's pages here.  If not, delete this section.

==Environmental Hazards==
<<This section is only used for instances or very small locations.  If used, describe any hazards here.  If not, delete this section.

This location is included in [[achievement name]] achievement.

This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.

<<Replace achievement name with any achievements associated with this page.


<<List any fun facts or relevant info.

Unknown.png|Picture description

<<Replace Unknown.png with any files or images associated with this location. If needed, you can add a description of the file after the spacer.


[edit] [history] [purge] Documentation icon Template documentation

This boilerplate can be used to quickly add all the necessary text and templates to new Location pages.


Create a new page and enter the following into the body: {{subst:Boilerplate:Locationpage}}

Then save the page. You should now see the the empty template ready for you to edit. Click "edit" and fill in missing information and remove any categories which are not applicable to that mission.