Bohemian Party Sack

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Bohemian Party Sack
Binds when Picked Up Unique
Invite friends and strangers to celebrate all things unconventional with odd gifts. Open to give one common item and an additional heroic, epic, rare, or uncommon item to yourself and up to 20 random eccentrics within 20 meters. Priority is given to group and raid members within the area.

Bohemian Party Sack, store icon.png

This is a special item that can only be acquired during the Anniversary Event. When opened, it will give you, and up to 20 other people around you, two random items each: one of Common rarity, and one that is either Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), or Heroic (Orange).


Other Information

You will get one common item, randomly selected from the list below:

You will get one item from either the Uncommon, Rare, or Epic lists

Weapons ▪ Assault Rifle ▪ Pistols ▪ Shotgun ▪ Blade ▪ Fists ▪ Hammer ▪ Blood Focus ▪ Chaos Focus ▪ Elemental Focus
Talismans ▪ Head ▪ Finger ▪ Neck ▪ Wrist ▪ Luck ▪ Waist ▪ Occult
Consumables ▪ Elixir ▪ Energy Drink ▪ Ambrosia ▪ Anima ▪ Food▪ Gadget ▪ Vanity
Assembly ▪ Glyph ▪ Signet
Other ▪  Bag ▪  Makeup ▪ Pet ▪ Mission ▪  Theatre ▪  Clothing
TSW-Only Items
Weapons ▪ Chainsaw ▪ Rocket Launcher ▪ Quantum ▪ Whip▪ Flamethrower
Assembly ▪ Toolkit ▪ Materials