Blue Ridge Mine (Solo Instance)

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Blue Ridge Mine (Solo Instance)
Blue Ridge Mine.jpg
Map Coordinates: 495,625
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Type: Solo Instance

This solo instance is used by both The Ghosts and the Darkness as well as for chapter 13 of Dawning of an Endless Night.

There are two levels / zones within this instance, the "Upper" level and the "Deep Shaft" level. There is an elevator between the Upper and Deep Shaft levels.


Location involved in

width Dawning of an Endless Night
width The Ghosts and the Darkness


Upper Level


Deep Shaft Level



Environmental Hazards

  • "Red Circles" - The red circles, or magical seals on the ground should be avoided whenever possible. Stepping in one will cause you to be rooted in place for a period of time, attacked (one automatic hit against you) by the ghost of Jimmy Risgby, and a fairly severe DoT affliction placed on you.
  • Filth pods - They do not fight, but will afflict you with a DoT if you come too close to them
  • One-Way Passages - There is one location in the Deep Shaft level that requires you to jump down. After doing so you will not be able to get back up and must proceed forward to the exit.


This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.