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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Blade/tsw is one of the weapon-based skill sets in the Melee skill wheel. This weapon type encompasses a variety of bladed weapons. Blades have many Focus and Frenzy abilities, and are well suited to characters fulfilling a tank or damage role. Blades are associated with Hate, Frenzy, Focus, Penetration, Afflicted, and Impaired.


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Blades skills are split into Damage and Survivability aspects.

  • Damage: Two Cuts - Whenever you hit an enemy with a Blade ability, you apply the Two Cuts effect. Hitting the enemy with a Blade Ability consumes this effect to deal additional damage. (6 damage 1 Skill Point)
  • Survivability: Vigour - When an enemy attack glances you, you gain a percentage of the damage it dealt back as healing. (15% at 1 Skill Point)


Main article: Ability

All Active Abilities require a blade in order to function. Passive Skills do not require a weapon, but some Passive Abilities modify a specific Active Ability that may require one.

As with all Abilities, the player can only use one Elite Active Ability and one Elite Passive Ability at any one time.

The list of Blades abilities can be found here.


Main article: Weapons

All active skills here require the use of an ability specific-type weapon. Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific active skill, which in turn requires the use of a specific weapon.

More specific information on Blade weapons can be found here


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The following are decks which incorporate Blades into their build, and the 'role' they serve.

  • Goon -- [Illuminati] Melee Tank focusing on glancing blows and self healing.
  • Martial Artist -- [Dragon] Melee Tank focusing on evasion and buffing.
  • Ninja -- [Dragon] Melee/Range DPS with damage-over-time and penetration focus.
  • Paladin -- [Templar] Melee/Range DPS featuring mobility and damage-over-time.
  • Preacher -- [Templar] Melee/Range DPS focusing on damage-over-time, self healing, and impairment.
  • Slayer -- [Illuminati] Ranged/Melee DPS combining Damage-over-Time with multiple-hit Frenzy attacks.
  • Witch Hunter -- [Templar] Melee support with numerous debuffs and impairments alongside exploits to restore health and resources.




Generic Blades

Name Icon Worn Held Description
QL10-Green, Model-A BLQL10G-A.png Blade-QL10G-A,worn.png Blade-QL10G-A,held.png A Katana, with a white-wrapped handle
QL10-Green, Model-B BLQL10G-B.png Blade-QL10G-B,worn.png Blade-QL10G-B,held.png A Kopesh
QL10-Green, Model-C BLQL10G-C.png Blade-QL10G-C,worn.png Blade-QL10G-C,held.png A Longsword with some carvings on the cross-guard and pommel
QL10-Blue, Model-A BLQL10B-A.png Blade-QL10B-A,worn.png Blade-QL10B-A,held.png A Viking Shortsword.

Named Blades

Name Icon Worn Held Description
Ancient Mayan Dagger Ancient Mayan Dagger.png Ancient Mayan Dagger,worn.png Ancient Mayan Dagger,held.png While it is used as a Blade weapon, it looks like a very simple flint dagger
Ancient Mayan Sickle Ancient Mayan Sickle.png Ancient Mayan Sickle, worn.png Ancient Mayan Sickle, held.png A primitive Sickle with an obsidian blade and a leather-wrapped handle
Ancient Mayan Sword Ancient Mayan Sword.png Ancient Mayan Sword, worn.png Ancient Mayan Sword,held.png A traditional Mayan Macuahuitl, although the sharpened stones on the side appear to be made from some bluish material rather than typical obsidian.
Blade of the Grey Skull Blade of the Grey Skull.png Blade of the Grey Skull,worn.png Blade of the Grey Skull,held.png A modern looking Ninjatō, with multiple small blue lights in the hilt and a red light just above the hand
Dao of Yen-lo-Wang Dao of Yen-lo-Wang.png Dao of Yen-lo-Wang,worn.png Dao of Yen-lo-Wang,held.png A Chinese Dao, with blackish metal hilt and slight cross-guard, and the blade has a dull reddish glow.
Haemophage Haemophage.png Haemophage, worn.png Haemophage, held.png A Chinese Dao, with blackish metal hilt and slight cross-guard, and the blade has a dull reddish glow. The model is almost identical to the Dao of Yen-lo-Wang except with a slightly brighter red to the blade
Relic of Razor House Relic of Razor House.png Relic of Razor House,worn.png Relic of Razor House,held.png A dual-edged sword made from a blackish metal, the ornamentation at the end of the blade renders it more of a ceremonial rather than functional blade

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