Billy's Muse (Monster)

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Billy's Muse (Monster)
Billy's Muse (Monster).jpg
Type: Shade
Difficulty Rating: [[]]
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Rarity: Rare monster
Damage Type: No Data
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Location: Moon Bog
Map Co-ords: 888, 489
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW

Billy's Muse is a shade found wandering in the Moon bog, similar to, but stronger than, the Ender Things which populate the area.


Billy Lee is an artist who was living with the commune occupying the Franklin Mansion in the 1960's. For some unknown reason, Billy went on a kill spree, murdering just about every other artist living there. He was found afterwards in the water "Screaming Prayers to the Ones who Dream". This creature, Billy's Muse is perhaps the one he was calling upon.

Killing Billy's Muse gives the Billy's Muse (Achievement)

Special Abilities