Baron Samedi Vest

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Baron Samedi Vest
Baron Samedi Vest, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Chest

The Baron Samedi Vest is more accurately a Waistcoat. And, some versions of this item are referred to as the "Baron Samedi Waistcoat."

The waistcoat itself is a formal three-button cut rather high, in a v-pattern. It comes with a long-sleeved shirt, although no tie, which cannot be worn separately from the waistcoat.

Note: The female version of this changes its name to "Baroness Samed" once it is in your Dressing Room list Note: The colored version of this is called "Waistcoat" while the basic/original version was called "Vest"



There are four version of this coat:

  • Basic - Referred to as the "Vest", without any color description. This is the initial coat you could get as part of the Baron Samedi Clothing set, from completing The Cat God (Mission). The waistcoat itself is a dark-purple/wine color. The shirt under it is a lighter purple/mauve color.
  • "Faction Colored" - Referred to as "Waistcoat". This item says "faction colored" when it is in your inventory but will change to the color appropriate to your faction when you use it and put it in your Dressing Room



Basic Blue
Baron Samedi Vest, female.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Baron Samedi Vest, green, female.png Unknown.png


Basic Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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