Baron Samedi Shoes

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Baron Samedi Shoes
Baron Samedi Shoes, female, side.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Feet

The Baron Samedi Shoes are part of the Baron Samedi set of clothes.

They are a pair of plain dress shoes with thin laces. The female version has a slight heel to it.



There are four version of this.

  • Basic - Black shoes with black laces
  • "Faction Colored" - This item says "faction colored" when it is in your inventory but will change to the color appropriate to your faction when you use it and put it in your Dressing Room
    • Blue - Illuminati
    • Green - The Dragon, a very dark green. Dark enough that it is almost impossible to tell them from the basic version without seeing both in comparison
    • Red - Templars



Basic Blue
Baron Samedi Shoes, female.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Baron Samedi Shoes, green, female.png Unknown.png


Basic Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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