Baron Samedi Pants

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Baron Samedi Pants
Baron Samedi Pants, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Legs

The Baron Samedi Pants are part of the Baron Samedi set of clothes.

They are a pair of semi-formal dress pants, with a cuff rolled at the ankle. They also have typical hip pockets as well as small back pockets. The pants also come with a matching leather belt.



There are five version of this. In all cases, the belt is a dark brown with a dull brushed-steel looking buckle.

  • Basic - The pants are a dark, charcoal grey.
  • Black - There little difference between these and the basic version, other than the pants being a bit darker
  • "Faction Colored" - This item says "faction colored" when it is in your inventory but will change to the color appropriate to your faction when you use it and put it in your Dressing Room



Basic Black
Baron Samedi Pants, female.png Baron Samedi Pants, black, female.png
Blue Green
Unknown.png Baron Samedi Pants, green, female.png


Basic Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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