Baron Samedi Coat

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Baron Samedi Coat
Baron Samedi Coat, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Coats

The Baron Samedi Coat is a long four-button coat, worn open. The main body of the coat falls about mid-thigh on players. There is a pocket on either breast, and also pockets at the hips. The collar is worn popped up. The coat automatically appears with the Baron Samedi bone necklace, and the necklace cannot be removed from the coat. However, the Baron Samedi bone necklace can be worn as a separate item with other clothing pieces

Note: The female version of this changes its name to "Baroness Samedi Coat" once it is in your Dressing Room list



There are five version of this coat:

  • Basic - Without any color description, it is a medium-dark grey. This is the initial coat you could get as part of the Baron Samedi Clothing set, from completing The Cat God (Mission).
  • Black - A dark black
  • "Faction Colored" - This item says "faction colored" when it is in your inventory but will change to the color appropriate to your faction when you use it and put it in your Dressing Room



Basic Black
Baron Samedi Coat, female.png Baron Samedi Coat, black, female.png
Blue Green
Unknown.png Baron Samedi Coat, green female.png


Basic Black
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Blue Green
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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