Baron Samedi (NPC)

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Baron Samedi (NPC)

Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Lore

Baron Samedi is an NPC encountered during the 2012 Samhain event.

During this event he is almost always in disguise, and is not recognized as Baron Samedi until the end. At first he is seen as Incognito randomly appearing throughout Kingsmouth. He is then seen again as Incognito while in the Devore crypt behind the Franklin Mansion in Blue Mountain as part of the The Meowling mission. Finally, he appears as Irusan in The Cat God (Dungeon).

It is not until players have defeated Irusan in the dungeon that the final cutscene reveals him to have been Baron Samedi masquerading as Irusan.

He disappears before the players can apprehend or kill him, and hints are dropped throughout the storyline and quest reports that he will be encountered again in the future.


Involved In


Baron Samedi is the name of a Loa in the real-world version of Haitian Voodoo. See also Wikipedia - Baron Samedi

Irusan is referred to as the "King of the Cats" in Irish folklore. It was said to be the size of an Ox, and was supposedly killed by St. Ciaran. See Wikipedia - King of the Cats and Mythical Creature List - Irusan.