Balarbane Sorceress

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Balarbane Sorceress
Balarbane Sorceress.jpg
Level: Normal: 12
Elite: ??
Nightmare: ??
Type: Draug
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
HP: Normal:12,631
XP Awarded: Normal:??
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Polaris


Balarbane Sorceress is the second boss encounter in The Polaris dungeon. She is an extremely large version of the Broodwitch version of Draug

Special Abilities

  • Can Cast: Ill Runes – Single target attack dealing significant damage to the highest threat target
  • Can Cast: Death Squall – Places a purple-black smoky AoE ground effect
  • Can Cast: Tide Wall – Places an absorption shield around the boss
  • Can spawn adds named Sea Burial in groups of 3


  • Try to clear out any Brood Pods in the area before engaging to limit the number of adds you have to deal with.
  • When she casts Death Squall, the tank should pull her out of the smoke, and the rest of the group should get out of the smoke as well.
  • When she spawns Sea Burial adds, take them out, then go back to her.