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Backpack, store.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Coats
Source: Item of the month

The Backpack is one of the July 2014 Item of the month reward for members and grand-members. Also awarded is a Adorable Backpack, brown.

This item was picked by players in an Item of the month poll

The backpack looks more like a semi-professional backpack rather than a school child's. It appears to be made of a mix of a heavy fabric and leather. It has two zippered compartments along with a mesh pocket on either side and a smaller pocket in the front.



The Backpack is only available in the following color:

  • Grey - The majority of the backpack is a very dark, almost black, grey. The offset panels are a brown leather.


Female Male
Backpack, grey, female.png Unknown.png

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