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There are 13 building materials and 5 tiers of refinement. Materials are obtained from disassembling other items and as drops from killed mobs; they can also be traded or sold by other players. Items use different kinds of materials based on the attributes the material provides. The higher the quality of material, the higher the quality of the item. The recipe pages will have the lists of potential building materials. For a list of which items disassemble into which materials look at the Disassembles to table.

Type Attribute Base Imperfect Normal Sacred Pure
Dust Used to add healing and structure to items. BaseDust.jpg ImperfectDust.jpg Dust.jpg SacredDust.jpg PureDust.jpg
Fire Used to add attack and structure to items. BaseFire.jpg ImperfectFire.jpg Fire.jpg SacredFire.jpg PureFire.jpg
Metal Used to add weapon power and structure to items. BaseMetal.jpg ImperfectMetal.jpg Metal.jpg SacredMetal.jpg PureMetal.jpg
Water Used to add health and structure to items. BaseWater.jpg ImperfectWater.jpg Water fountain (Varadero, Cuba, 2007).jpg SacredWater.jpg PureWater.jpg
Denkyem rune Used to add crit damage to items. BaseDenkyemRune.jpg ImperfectDenkyemRune.jpg DenkyemRune.jpg SacredDenkyemRune.jpg PureDenkyemRune.jpg
Lu Rune Used to add crit to items. BaseLuRune.jpg ImperfectLuRune.jpg LuRune.jpg SacredLuRune.jpg PureLuRune.jpg
Trinity rune Used to add penetration to items. BaseTrinityRune.jpg ImperfectTrinityRune.jpg TrinityRune.jpg SacredTrinityRune.jpg PureTrinityRune.jpg
Wheel Rune Used to add hit to items. BaseWheelRune.jpg ImperfectWheelRune.jpg WheelRune.jpg SacredWheelRune.jpg PureWheelRune.jpg
Earth rune Used to add block to items. BaseEarthRune.jpg ImperfectEarthRune.jpg EarthRune.jpg SacredEarthRune.jpg PureEarthRune.jpg
Koru rune Used to add physical protection to items. BaseKoruRune.jpg ImperfectKoruRune.jpg KoruRune.jpg SacredKoruRune.jpg PureKoruRune.jpg
Pentagram rune Used to add magical protection to items. BasePentagramRune.jpg ImperfectPentagramRune.jpg PentagramRune.jpg SacredPentagramRune.jpg PurePentagramRune.jpg
Wedjat rune Used to add defense to items. BaseWedjatRune.jpg ImperfectWedjatRune.jpg WedjatRune.jpg SacredWedjatRune.jpg PureWedjatRune.jpg
Yggdrasil rune Used to add evade to items. BaseYggdrasilRune.jpg ImperfectYggdrasilRune.jpg YggdrasilRune.jpg SacredYggdrasilRune.jpg PureYggdrasilRune.jpg