Assault on Orochi Tower/tsw

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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Assault on Orochi Tower/tsw
Assault on Orochi Tower.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Start Location: Gateway to Orochi Tower
Start Coords: (415,335)
Given by: No Data
Type: Story
Requires: Update 1.11.2
Nightmare in the Dream Palace
Reward: 299,200 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.11.2

Upon release of Issue 11, the mission The Signal, recieved automatically upon completion of Nightmare in the Dream Palace, would automatically morph into the start of this mission upon arrival in Kaidan at (415,335)

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png Assault on Orochi Tower/tsw       Story Mission
At last, a way into Orochi Tower is open. However, the nerve centre of the world's largest corporation is unlikely to be without security measures. The path will not be easy.
Tier 1
Gain entry into Orochi Tower.
Tier 2
Unrepeatable - Delve further into the tunnels and make for the tower.

Repeatable - Gain entry into Orochi Tower.

  • Push further into the tunnels
  • Disable the Orochi Tank
  • Cross the minefield
  • Cross the pressure plates
  • Proceed further into the tunnels
  • Bypass the turrets
  • Enter the station
  • Defeat the mech


There are 2 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

Tier 2/2

  • Push further into the tunnels
    • When you enter the tunnels, warriors from the Jingu Clan are battling Orochi drones at a set of barricades. Move past them to update the mission; you do not need to help them fight, as drones will continue to spawn indefinitely.
  • Disable the Orochi Tank
    • If you wait long enough, a Jingu Bushi will run into the tunnel in front of you, drawing the tank's fire and potentially killing the first pair of drones.
    • You can use the shots from the tank to kill the other drones, by positioning them inside the area-of-effect circles.
    • Once the drones are dead, position yourself close to the tank so that it can't shoot you. There are two Weak Points, one above each wheel tread. After a short time, Orochi Security Spheres will spawn from the ceiling above the minefield and move to attack you. Position these spheres near one or both of the Weak Points and attack them. When the spheres reach low health, they will explode and deal significant damage to anything in the blast radius, including the Weak Points.
    • When the Weak Points are destroyed, an Orochi Peacekeeper will get out of the tank to attack you.
  • Cross the minefield
    • Korinto-Kai Executioners from Zeroes Wild Pachinko run into the minefield and destroy the mines, clearing the path for you.
  • Cross the pressure plates
    • A handful of Jingu Bushi die to the turrets between the pressure plates, before more come and show you that moonwalking over the plates (face backwards and /moonwalk, or /moonwalk_pro if you have completed the Catch Me If You Can achievement) does not cause the turrets to activate.
  • Proceed further into the tunnels
    • Be sure to not stand on any of the panels that are electrified, as you will take massive damage.
  • Bypass the turrets
    • House-in-Exile Lurkers show you that you need a Demonic Device to create a portal that will get you past the turrets.
    • Watch the gunfire pattern of the turrets carefully as you run to pick up the device, which is lying on the ground in the line of fire.
  • Enter the station
    • Use the fuse box to deactivate the turrets before moving forwards.
  • Defeat the mech




All three lines converge. Daimon Kiyota has made an excellent fulcrum. The Tower is open. The Tower is no less dangerous. In our history, we have needed Blue and Red to battle. Now they must work together, and it is up to us to make it so. We are the impossible force that makes demons and samurai shake hands. In that deadly handshake, we avert the apocalypse. Or we shape it into an apocalypse of our choosing.


This is it. This is sudden death overtime. This is two tequila shots away from the worm in a drinking contest with a life on the line (semi-autobiographical). No pressure, but don’t fuck it up. Orochi Tower has been cut off for weeks now, but intel says there is still activity inside. No surprise, the building could probably sustain itself for years. Be alert. Corporate culture already hits Patrick Bateman levels of crazy on its own, no telling what level of Lord of the Flies ga-ga anyone still in there has reached. So, you know, have fun out there, kiddo, but call to check in. Your father and I always worry. Ciao-ciao.


This thing we have taken to calling John seems to be under the very fearful impression that Lilith is in the tower. I trust in the validity of that fear. This is a top priority. I've received calls from high above. You are in their notice. It is opening night, fear is to be expected, but you know your lines, you've practised the choreography, so do what you have been so excellently groomed to do. I have every confidence. Godspeed.
R. Sonnac



Kaoru looks around as the electricity of The Dream Palace flickers. The camera zooms out to show that this flickering is happening all over the city, particularly on Orochi Tower.

The concrete doors to The Orochi Underground swing open.

John both speaks a message to you and writes it on the side of Orochi Tower with the flickering lights:

John: Come on in Chuck. Come on in.


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