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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Assault Rifle/tsw are Ranged Weapons and are one of the weapon-based skill sets in The Secret World. When not in use, players equip Assault Rifle/tsw on their backs. Assault Rifle/tsw have the longest range of the ranged weapons, but lack in mobility in comparison to their counterparts, Pistols and Shotgun.

Assault Rifle/tsw use Frenzy and Burst attacks, which hit multiple times per activation, and Leech effects, which convert damage dealt into Healing effects. Assault Rifles also make use of the Hindered state to slow enemies down, and the Afflicted state to continue wounding them between attacks.

Assault Rifles are associated with Penetration, Burst, Frenzy, Leech, Extended casting times, Support, Hindered.


Main article: Skills

Assault Rifle skills are split into damage and healing aspects.

  • Damage: Explosive Rounds - Your Assault Rifle abilities apply the Explosive Rounds effect to your enemies. Each additional hit from Assault Rifle abilities increases the number of charges on the target. After 3 second the charges detonate dealing additional damage (2 physical damage at 1 skill point) per charge applied.
  • Healing: Combat Medic - Your Assault Rifle Leech effects are more powerful (2.85% starting at 1 skill point) and last longer (10% at 1 skill point.)


Main article: Ability

All Active Abilities require an Assault Rifle in order to function. Passive Skills do not require a weapon, but some Passive Abilities modify a specific Active Ability that may require one.

As with all Abilities, the player can only use one Elite Active Ability and one Elite Passive Ability at any one time.

The list of Assault Rifle/tsw abilities can be found here.


Main article: Weapons

All active skills here require the use of an ability specific-type weapon. Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific active skill, which in turn requires the use of a specific weapon.

More specific information on Shotgun weapons can be found here


Main article: Deck

The following are decks which incorporate Assault Rifles into their build, and the 'role' they serve.

  • Fixer -- [Illuminati] Ranged/Melee DPS using Burst attacks. Switches between Ranged AoE and Single-Target attacks as needed.
  • Gladiator -- [Templar] Melee DPS specializing in Mob Combat, using Frenzy and Area-of-Effect attacks.
  • Mercenary -- [Illuminati] Ranged DPS mixing Damage-over-Time with Crowd Control to keep enemies at bay.
  • Monk -- [Dragon] Healing and Support deck, using Reactive Heals, Leeching, and Healing-over-Time.
  • Necromancer -- [Illuminati] Healing and Support using Leeching and Damage-over-Time effects.
  • Slayer -- [Illuminati] Ranged/Melee DPS combining Damage-over-Time with multiple-hit Frenzy attacks.
  • Soldier -- [Templar] Ranged DPS focusing on Mobility and Attack Speed.
  • Warrior -- [Dragon] Ranged DPS and Crowd Control, alternating between Ranged Area-of-Effect attacks, and Close-Range Blast attacks.

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