Ashes to Ashes/tsw

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Ashes to Ashes/tsw
Envoy of Ca' d'Oro.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Location: Romany Camp
Start Coords: (843,860)
End location: [[(843,860)]]
Given by: Envoy of Ca' d'Oro (Shadowy Forest)
Type: Item
Requires: Issue 7 mission pack
Reward: 74,800 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

A vampire rampages through the forest. He is death to all living things. You may never hear the tale of what drove him to such blood madness, but you already know the story of how he dies.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Put down the mad vampire, Ravening Elder Leech, in the dark forest
    • Locate and eliminate Ravening Elder Leech




Couldn’t help but notice how nicely you handled Dracula Jr. Never mind how I got your contact info — we have our ways. I don’t want to used-car-salesman-pressure you, but have you ever felt Blue? You just seem like winning-side material. No pressure. If you ever hit New York, give me a ping or a buzz or a tweet. Open invite. Come to one of our mixers, and you’ll see we can let loose a bit of chaos ourselves. What can Blue do for you? Ciao-ciao.

Kirsten Geary


I’ll have someone mark you down for another mega monster score on the cafeteria chalkboard. Three more and you get a free latte.



Ashes to ashes — dust to dust. So goes another abomination. Stamus contra malum.

R. Sonnac


There is only 1 tier to this mission

Tier 1/2

  • Locate and eliminate Ravening Elder Leech
  • Collect ashes from the fallen vampire
    • There will be white [] brackets on the ground where you killed him
  • Bring the vampire ashes to the Envoy of Ca' d'Oro
    • Back at the quest start, click on her to complete

Other Information



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