Arturo Castiglione

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Arturo Castiglione
Arturo Castiglione.jpg
Region: Venice
Zone: Sunken Library
Location: Arturo Castiglione's Office
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Stuart Organ]]

Arturo Castiglione is the player's contact for the Council of Venice at their headquarters.

He has engaged in secret dealings with the Phoenicians in order to stall entrance to Kaidan. He feels an immense guilt for sending Sarah to Kaidan, and sends the player directly to her in Kaidan. [1]



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Talking about oneself is to look into a mirror. And what is more seductive than a reflective surface? When we are young, we love to talk about ourselves. But the years pass like lengths of barbed wire. Scars and deformities accumulate. Some of us wake up and find we do not like looking into that mirror.

Council of Venice

The secret factions sneer at Venice. They make us the butt of their quick wit. And yet it is the Council that sets the foundation that gives the factions the luxury of their clever poses and vapid humour. I wish you could have seen the Council as it was. The shining promise of it. What you see now are the ruins of a grand idea. But even ruins can inspire greatness in others. And so, we hold up the pillars.

The Sunken Library

The wisdom of ages - books, scrolls, even stone tablets - all held in the sinking dampness. The water is rising. We must protect our history, because it turns mistakes into lessons. We have made enough mistakes to give a student infinite wisdom.

The Room

Excuse my excessive pride, but the room is a marvel, one of our greater achievements. Its walls contain pure potential, an endless supply of nightmares to teach our operatives. The room finds just the right adversity to hone a given student. The room knows. Is it so strange that I speak of the room in such a way? As if it is thinking? I often walk these halls late at night, and I hear it humming, as if its waiting for another hero to enter its maw, to chew them, to swallow their weakness, and leave them all the stronger.

The secret world

The secret world. So much contained in three words. One of the Council's primary duties is to keep the secret world and the mundane world discrete. Understand, we are not cover-up artists. We are not the enemies of enlightenment. Enlightenment is as vital to society as water is to life. But so too is water corrosive. Too much, and it drowns life. Too much, and it rends the earth, destroys entire cities. We are the levy. We are the dam. We are the membrane. We hold back the tidal wave of enlightenment that would wash our world away.

The Illuminati

The clever sibling. Far too clever for its own good. Its cleverness could save us all. But it won't. It just keeps hoarding toys.

The Templars

The responsible sibling. So upright. It could lead us all in a charge against the dark. But it takes that responsibility all the way into martyrdom. So self-important. It worries more about the act of being responsible and not the outcome.

The Dragon

The contrary sibling. Always walking its own path. Always independent of the other siblings. Its strange insight could make all the difference, if it actually entered the fray, did not spend so much time being contrary or so much energy being "unique."

The Phoenicians

The lost sibling. It did a bad thing. It is no longer in the family. We do not speak of it.


We failed Tokyo. The Council failed Tokyo. I failed. We failed the city in every part of our mission statement. To admit less is pride and folly. Fault is what we assign others. Responsibility is what we assign ourselves. I do not know if we can make amends.


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